100 minuta slave (2004)

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    Rating: 5.8/10 (102 votes)
    Runtime: 100 min
    Language: Serbo-Croatian With English Subtitle
    Country: Croatia
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Dalibor Matanic
    Sanja Vejnovic ... Slava Raskaj
    Miki Manojlovic ... Bela Cikos
    Vili Matula ... Rapacki
    Natasa Lusetic ... Justina
    Krunoslav Saric ... Slavin otac
    Nada Gacesic ... Slavina majka
    Luka Petrusic ... Slavin brat
    Darko Rundek ... Charles Dubayer
    Maja Anusic ... Mala Slava
    Ivana Bolanca ... Klara

    Description: For domestic public movies Dalibor Matanića welcomed at least with a healthy radoznalošću, it is not necessary to over-emphasize.However, it is not remained faithful to its tradition of urban directors, but is a universal surprise saved by historical and even to love this movie.
    It seems to us that cooperation among filmašima and književnicima becomes practice, the scenario, namely, signed by Robert Perisic ( 'Atrox and large expenses'), while the main idea of potekla Sanja Vejnović that was before some ten years ago, watching Slavin portrait, concluded that sliče incredible. Little by little, and absorbent seeking all available data, it is understood as it was genijalan material for the film. 'Ugnjavila' Matanića… and the rest is history. Oh yes, he even wrote herself two scenarios, but alas…
    The focus of this kostimiranog film is the story of unhappy love deaf and mute painter slave Raškaj and Bela Csikos, her painting teacher. The film does not blindly follows the biography of painter who will become one of the most important names of Croatian painting at the turn of 19. in 20.century, but is more dedicated to her love of Čikošu which he destroyed and refused to fully accept the fear and matter toward society, but also looking for love and recognition at all.
    Performance Predrag Mikija Manojlovića, who is Bela Csikos odglumio the 'three layer' - as part of the role of speechless film, as part of sound, while the third part of his thoughts snimane later, as for radio drama, was prominent as a special treat.
    The link between Matanićevih previous works, and 'slave' was his passion for portretiranjem individuals that society is considered 'different', but also the relationship of mass and individual. I am director for the film says that a step further in his career, and unless these facts, in the cinema to be able to persuade zlobne criticism that they could hear after prošlogodišnjih Festival in Pula and Motovun - said that the people Matanić pretentious. Is a large part of such epitete earned miješanjem historical and fantastic elements - the film, despite the period of time, provlači modern music, while the glory run by Dinamovom stadium.
    In true style film meštra, Matanić is' Celebrate 's old radio znalcima with whom he cooperated on almost all his previous achievements: Director of photography Branko Lintom, scenografkinjom Zeljko Buric, montažerom Tomislav Pavlicom… Relatively new in the team is only a costume designer, Ana Savic Gecan, which many of you probably remember in various theatrical costumes for which the rights mistress, and this film brought her engagement at the festival in Pula 2004. Speaking at the gold, red is mention that opinion by the same jury worthy Vili Matula for nabolju Supporting role in the movie.

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    Thanks for the movie
    Hvala na filmu
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