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    (Forumdisplay) Turn off announcements & save 1 query
    Addon for ibProArcade MKPortal Random Game Block
    Addon for ibProArcade MkPortal Block - 10 Newest Games
    Addon for ibProArcade MkPortal Block - 10 Popular Games
    Addon for ibProArcade Total Games on Forumhome
    AJAX Arab Lounge - Autoprune included
    AJAX Check for similar thread before posting a new one
    AJAX Dream's Chatbox
    AJAX Drop Down Message Display Selector
    AJAX Edit Attachment Filenames
    AJAX Moderator Statistics
    AJAX NewsAnnouncements
    AJAX Post Groan Hack
    AJAX Post Thank You Hack
    AJAX Quick Ban Hack !
    AJAX Thread Bumping 1.1
    AJAX Top X - ALP Pro
    AJAX vBShout v2.0
    AJAX Websites who have referred today (in the last 24 hours)
    AJAX Your One Click Thread Ratings
    AJAXDid you know ... (Tip Management)
    APM Advanced Product Management 3.0.4
    BBCode Embed Twango Video, slideshow, ticker
    BBCode YouTube Javascript Embed
    BBCode urli aname Content posts
    BBCode Embed StreetFire.Net Videos in a Post
    BBCode Thumbnails
    BBCode ***** Video
    BBCodeStage6 Player (stage6 links or own links)
    hide hack incl post thank you addon
    ITech AJAX Inferno vBShout Lite 1.0.1
    ITech vBExternal Lite
    Monkey's Works - Center User Interface in your Postbit_Legacy
    Monkey's Works - enCoded Navbar v1
    Monkey's Works - Text Editor Toolbar Background
    Monkey's Works - Thread simple Navbar below QuickReply
    Monkey's Works - User Profile Web Page
    NAXON ACP And MCP Links On Navbar
    NAXON Advertizing Box (For Adsense) On Index
    NAXON Fieldset BBCODE
    NAXON Forum's Info Box On FORUMDISPLAY
    NAXON Global Variables
    NAXON Member's Profile Link
    NAXON mod_rewrite
    NAXON Re-Ordering The showgroups.php
    NAXON Simple WhatIsMyIP Page
    NAXON User's ID In Profile
    NAXON Welcome Box On Index
    Photopost Add 'digg this' and other buttons to photopost pro
    product-hide hack
    vBa CMPS TeamSpeak DisplayLogin Module
    YouTube Integration with Links & Downloads Manager (LDM 2.2.6)
    A Better News Module Fix for vBadvanced CMPS 2.2.1
    A better see Activeusers
    Absolute path for vbulletin CSS file
    Access Forum Based On Value in User Profile Field
    Activate the Debug mode by ACP
    Active Members Percentage
    Active Threads menu (Navbar)
    Add a banner image to each forum (vb3.6)
    Add a recent blog link to profiles and postbit
    Add Advertising after first post - Postbit Alteration
    Add an Urdu Editor to your vBulletin forum - Urdu OpenPad integration
    Add Announcement Button to Forumdisplay & Navbar
    Add custom MySQL query in Admin CP drop-down
    Add Icons to ForumHome orand Forumdisplay by xxxxxxxx images
    Add New Page To Your vB Forum
    Add PayPal Buy Now Button
    Add Paypal Referral Link To Postbit Profile
    Add Phrases to Subscription Payment Types
    Add Recent BlogSite Feed under Postbit. Displays Recent Blog feeds or Site Feeds
    Add Search Engine Optimized Keywords & Description to each Forum
    Add The New Thread Button On ShowThread
    Add Threads to ThreadSoup.com Mod
    Add Weather Search to Quick Search
    Add Weather Underground Quick Search
    Add XBOX Gamertag to IM List
    addimport product link relocation
    Adding a background image into the reply boxes
    Adding MySpace ID To User Profile
    Additional Navbar In Footer
    Additional Section within Profile and Dropdown within Posts
    Admin & Mod CP Quick Links
    Admin CP Authentication mod to secure your CP
    Admin Cp Links in Navbar
    Admin CP Thread Prefixes Add-On move & del by prefix
    Admin HTML Email Sent as multipartalternative
    Admin Log In As User
    AdminCP PhotoPost Administration
    AdminCP Top 10 Statistic
    Adoptables hack for vBulletin 3.6
    Adsense above quickreply - 2 layout versions
    Adsense as second post. 2 Sizes - Big for guests, small for members - Legacy Version
    Adsense Banner below Blog Entry and above Comments
    Adsense Banners in Your Archive
    Adsense below Recent Comments List on Blog Home
    Adsense Collapsible - Using Plugin System
    Adsense Leaderboard on Non-Index Pages
    Adsense linkunit below the last thread
    Adsense Revenue Sharing for 3.5.x and 3.6.x
    Adv. Editing Options for Mods and Admins
    Advance Sticky Options
    Advanced BBCode (Use conditionals in BBCodes)
    Advanced BBCode Permissions
    Advanced FAQ
    Advanced Flood Control
    Advanced Info Center
    Advanced Last X Thread in Marquee,JavaScript with External Options 2.2
    Advanced Navbar Links
    Advanced Plugin Manager - Reloaded
    Advanced Plugin Manager v2
    Advanced PM Options
    Advanced Report Post Management System
    Advanced Snowstorm Integration for Christmas
    Advanced Template Manager
    Advanced Userbars Hack v1.0
    Advanced Warning System 3.6.7
    Advent Calendar
    Advertise Page For Your Forum
    Affiliate Box - Scrolling and Fading Affiliate Buttons
    Affiliate Marquee Mod
    after log out =redirect
    afterfl0w's Advanced Banlist
    Against vBulletin piracy logo
    Age based premissions for registering and viewing forums
    Age Lock v2.0 Beta 2
    AIM Controller (AIM Bot For Vb)
    AJAX - Mouseover Profile Preview
    AJAX as User Option
    Ajax Check eMail
    Ajax Check Username
    Ajax notification of a new personal message
    AJAX Preview For New Thread Reply
    AJAX Spy
    ajaxReg - Ajax Registration, with instant field checking
    Akismet - spam detection
    Alert Undeletable User
    Alexa Toolbar Users Rewarding System - Boost your Alexa rank
    Allow 'Make Votes Public' to be checked by default
    Allow URLs in posts only after a minimum number of posts (to reduce spam)
    Allow usergroups to view forum, if forum turned off
    Alternate Quick reply Waiting display!
    Alternative 'forumhome_lastpostby' display
    Alternative Profile Page
    Amazon Integration
    AME - Auto Media Embedding (youtube, Amazon, google, myspace, etc...)
    AME (Auto Media Embedding) XML Releases
    AnonymHack v2.0 - allow users to postreply anonymous
    Another Members that have Visited Statistics mod
    Antialiasis's Personal Notepad 3.6
    Anti-Leech Attachments - prevent hotlinking and bandwidth theft!
    AOL Video BB Codes
    Apple QuickTime Embed BB Code
    Archive Thread v1.2
    Asia Cup 2007 Support your team
    Attached Image Watermarking PLUS Guest Viewing of Thumbnails
    Attachment countdown timer (like yousendit)
    Auto Birthday PM
    Auto Code ALL Links
    Auto DeleteMove Thread After X days
    Auto Move Closed Threads
    Auto Move Threads Based On Ratings
    Auto Resize images when Quoted
    Auto Resize large images in an IMG tag
    AutoBump Threads Periodically For 12 Hours Without Replies
    Automated Simple Catagory Icons
    Automatic Calendar Reminders
    Automatic Thread Closing
    Automatic transition between Groups through Gender
    Automatically Close Old Threads After X Days
    Automatically Create Usernote on EMAIL Change
    Automatically Create Usernote on Username Change
    AutoPM after addBuddy
    Avatar Display in Who's Online (online.php)
    Avatar on forumdisplay
    Avatar Rules on Edit Avatar Page
    Average registrations per day statistics
    Ban Info on User Profile
    Ban Me
    Ban Users From a Thread
    Banlist - easy
    Banner Rotator (Definitive Mod) UPDATED
    Battlefield 2 Squad Stats integration for VBAdvanced
    Battlefield 2 Stats integration for VBAdvanced
    BB Code WinQuickTimeRealFlash Media Embed
    BBcode Manager 1.32 New looks for your quote, html, php and code bbcodes !
    BBCODE Tooltips
    Better layout of status icon's
    Bibliasoft -- BibleFilter 1.5
    blank info for linked forums
    BoardTracker Advanced Topic Tags System - v2!
    BoardTracker Search Mod v2 - a full search engine for your board!
    Breadcrumb at the Base of Showthread
    Browser on Who's Online
    Buddy Forums
    Buddy List on User CP
    Bump or de-bump thread w usergroup permissions
    BuRaCH Mouse Cursor'S
    button text bbcode
    Bypass Passworded Forums by Usergroup ID
    CA.com IM & GT Icons
    Can't rate own threads
    Can't Use Private Messages Before X posts
    Can't Vote Own Polls
    Captcha On Login
    captchaLogin - image verification login
    Catagory Icons
    Catalog Your Movies
    CES Anything BB-Code
    CES Adv. Editing Options for Mods and Admins (Project Tools Expansion)
    CES Board Inactive Alert Placement
    CES Cookie Cutter - Share Cookies Between Domains
    CES Debug Mode Switcher
    CES Dynamic IMG Resize (Plugin Version)
    CES Intelligent Announcement Query
    CES Intelligent Attachment Query
    CES Intelligent Dot-Threads
    CES Intelligent Postbit Query
    CES Last Post on Forum Home (No Query)
    CES Last Post on Forum Home (Project Tools Edition)
    CES Lv vB Event Forums Addon - Query Blaster
    CES Navbits Designer
    CES NuWiki Special Pages
    CES Parser Permissions
    CES Pre-Process Hooks
    CES Silent Editors
    CES Site News
    CES vbWiki Pro Navbits Extension
    CES vbWiki Talk Pages Header
    CES Wiki Conditionals
    CES Wiki Simple Search Integration
    CFM Directory
    CFM Google AdSense for Search Integration
    Change Contact us Email
    Change Forum Cell Colour on Mouseover
    Change Threads Prefix Inline
    Check E-mail Address Before Registration
    'Check Version' for all hacks
    Chief First Post - Every Page - 3.6.x
    CinVin vB Forum Feed Listing
    Classifieds Featured in Forumhome or vBa
    Clickable User Fields
    Clock and Date in Navbar
    Clock In Navbar
    Collapsable First Post using AJAX (or Last Post!)
    Collapse of soft-deleted messages
    Coloured Usergroup Legend
    Complete WordpressVbulletin Bridge - Share Users And Postings
    Contact Us Visual Authentication - prevent Spam Bots from sending messages!
    Contact's Inviter MSNYahooGmail & MORE
    Continue Search
    Cookie with FloodDdos Block
    Count of unread posts in the welcome box
    Countdown hack
    Countdown Timer in signature
    Country Display for Who's Online
    CP_Affiliates - An affiliates box for your forum!
    Cpanel at Navbar
    Create vB pages by creating a template
    Cron Based E-Mail Sending
    CSS Image Resize with Preview
    Currently Active Users above Forums
    Custom Board Closed Message
    Custom Forum Busy Message
    Custom forum CSS per Forum, using the Forum Admin
    Custom Message Button
    Custom Profile Fields + Secondary Usergroups
    Custom Signature Permissions Display
    Custom Thread Fields
    Custom User Style
    Custom Usernames
    Customizable Welcome Box
    CWMOFH - Customisable Welcome Message On Forumhome
    Cyb - Advanced Forum Rules
    Cyb - Advanced Forum Statistics 3.6.7
    Cyb - Advanced 'New Posts'
    Cyb - Advanced Permissions Based on Post Count
    Cyb - Attention Zero-Posters
    Cyb - Auto Birthday Greeter
    Cyb - Auto Reply
    Cyb - Change vBForms Defaults
    Cyb - Check If Already Posted
    Cyb - Flash-Image Banner Rotator
    Cyb - Forums Online CountUp
    Cyb - Last Post Info Enhancements
    Cyb - Login To User Account
    Cyb - Members Mood
    Cyb - Moderating Stats
    Cyb - PayPal Donate
    Cyb - PM System Enhancements
    Cyb - Prevent Newbies from Posting to Wrong Forum
    Cyb - Sub-Forum Manager
    Cyb - Thread Listing Make-Up
    Cyb - Tic-Tac-Toe
    Cyb - Top Post Reporters
    Cyb - Top Posters In Month X
    Cyb - Visitors in Last X Hours
    Daily Crossword Puzzle for your site
    Daily Crossword Puzzle for your site (CMPS)
    Daily PM Quota (Per Usergroup!)
    Database Error Page Enhanced
    datastore cache to XCache - boost your vBulletin
    DCSEO Linkbacks (Refbacks implementation)
    DDDS - Different Domain Different Style
    Default Avatar
    Default PM Read Receipts
    Default Signature
    Default Signature Hack v1.0
    Default Signature Per Usergroup
    Default Usergroup upon Registration
    Delete All Messages At Once
    Delete all PMs and Adminlog
    Delete IPs within a certain interval
    Delete Post when Giving Infraction
    Delete Sent PM With A Receipt
    Deluxe vB user login and access control for non vB pages - REVISED
    DevEmail - changes Email bbcode to an image
    DevNavbar (add navbars & links, display it anywhere)
    DevTracker Search by usergroup
    Different Cell Color for Stickies
    Digg API to RSS 2.0 Proxy
    diggTopic - Full Integration with Digg (OMG)
    Disable Autoparsing in the forumID of choice
    Disable Post Count Decrease Per Forum
    Disable Right Click on your Forum
    Disable Save button when clicked (Admincp)
    Disable sendmessage.php For Specified Usergroups
    Disable Signatures for Selected Thread
    Disallow HTML code in Thread Titles
    Disperse it (Dit) Video Streaming (Like YouTube)
    Display ban message for Infractions
    Display groups of content in random order
    Display latest blog post in postbit using Magpie RSS
    Display member signature only one time per thread page
    Display random products from your Zen Cart Store on your home page
    Display Referred Users in Pop Up
    Display Reputation Comments Given
    Display reputation comments on members profile page
    Display the date of creation of threads
    Display Userid In Postbit, MemberInfo And MemberLists
    Display User's Email in Postbitlegacy for Admins and Mods
    Domain Tools
    Donation Progress Bar CMPS Add on
    Donation Progress Bar-Forumhome
    Don't automatically parse links
    Double navigation buttons bar
    Download button link
    Download modifications directly from the vBulletin admin cp
    Download Thread as PDF
    Downtime Scheduler (Have Post Per Day ignore downtimes)
    Dream's Forum Statistics
    Dynamic Picture Resize for IMG tag
    Easy Share Uploading Tool Bar In Quick Reply
    easyFeedback - How do your users rate your community
    Ebay Profile BB Code
    eD2K Links Hack
    Edit Templates On Fly - A step towards easy-to-install modifications
    Editor Buttons newliner
    EG - Custom Signature Rules
    EG - Donation link in postbit for users
    Email Filter 3.6.X
    Email Integration (New threadsreplies by email)
    Email reminder for inactive users
    eMailLink.de vBCode
    Embed Break.com Videos - BBCode
    Embed FileFront Video's into posts
    Embed Snapvine in your Profile
    Embed XHTML valid YouTube and Google Video into your posts
    Embed your DailyMotion Video into your posts
    Embed YouTube in Profile
    EnableDisable Settings
    Enhanced Captcha Image Verification - stop bots from signing up!!
    Enhanced Forum Closed Message
    Enhanced Reputation Checks
    Enhanced Reputation Given Checks
    Enotify REST API remote XML feeds for New Posts Private Messages
    EPC Add Mass Child Forums Hack
    EPC Autoposter LITE for vBulletin
    EPC Log-in Detector
    EPC Massive User Creator Using PHP and .NET (ALL SOURCES)
    EPC MySpace Music Player to Profile
    EPC PM Notifications SUITE with AJAX
    EPC RSS Monetize “vBulletin RSS Feeds” Integration to Searchfeed
    EPC Sorry We Are Closed Forums Mod Business Minded
    EPC vbMailer LITE All in ONE E-mail Solution
    e-steki Featured threads 1.0.1
    e-steki Karma version 2.2
    e-steki Profile Stats v1.0.1
    e-steki Referrer Statistics
    e-steki User ModLog v1.1.3 - An alternative to moderation AutoPM
    Exclude Forums From external.php
    Exclude stats from specific subforums on specific forums (e.g. index)
    Extended Reputation Display
    External Data Provider UsergroupCookie Setting
    External Link Titles, retrieve descriptive titles for URLs
    External Links Framed
    External Online Users Page
    External URL Redirects in framed page
    extra (IE) bbcode for glow,shadow, opacity and marquee
    Extra Profile Fields Page
    EZ Bounced Email Management for Admins
    EzIRC Chat
    FA Latest Announcements
    FA Latest News
    FA Self Destruct Thread
    Fake Community Statistics
    Fake User vb36x
    Falling Snow On your forum
    Farcaster's Event Attendance
    Farcaster's Event Attendance & vb Event Forums Integration
    Farcaster's Event Attendance Email Add-On
    Farcaster's RSVP Events on Profile
    Fast(in)visible v1.1
    Favorite Smilies
    filter phrases by product
    Filter Threads By Post Icon
    Find Rated Threads By User
    Fix vbShout Timezone problem
    Fix vBulletin JS to work with prototypescriptaculous
    Fix XHTML templates with XMLNS information
    Flags - Country and Region
    Flash Clock
    Flash embedded games,animate
    FlashChat Admin Panel integrated into AdminCP
    Flashchat Integration for vB 3.6
    Flickr Integration
    [email protected] Signature Stats BB Code
    Force Style for Selected Users or Groups
    Force Users to Read a Thread
    Form Hack
    Forum Affiliates
    Forum Archive List Forum Footer
    Forum Background Colour
    Forum based IP filter
    Forum Directory
    Forum enter for X message and X day necessary
    Forum Home Announcement
    Forum Images next to the Description for every Forum
    Forum Intro 1.0.3
    Forum Jump In Navbar
    Forum Keywords For AuctionAds
    Forum Search Stats V.2
    Forum Sponsor
    Forum Title
    ForumSig 1.0
    Frame for user profile in posts
    Freedom Meter
    Friends andor Buddies on Profile
    FTP File Manager
    Game Trailers BB Code
    Gametrailers on the fly in posts
    Gender In Postbit
    Get default title to new threadpm
    Get direct links v1.4
    gItemStats - World of Warcraft Itemstats
    GLA - Geographic Location Awareness for vBulletin
    Global Announcements
    Global Threads
    Glowing Text BBCode
    GMT time on your forumpages
    GO Spam Zone
    GoodmorningGoodafternoonGoodevening Username
    Google Ads in your forum
    Google Adsense Adbrite Ads Based on Length of First Post
    Google Adsense (or any kind of ads) on attachment image
    Google Adsense Postbit Integration
    google adsense search automatic integration
    Google Analytics Registration Goal Plugin
    Google WMT friendly 404 Search mod
    Group Leader PM Notification
    GRPS Groups Commune 2.0.x
    gTeamSpeak - TeamSpeak User Management
    GTMember List Online Status
    GTOnline - Online Status on Member List
    GTPosting Rules Posting Rules near editor
    GTPrivate Message Alert Popup
    GTPrivate Messages Enhanced Listing (preview message)
    GTSmiliebox - Move Smilies Below Editor
    GTUserCP - Enhanced USERCP Interface + USERCP Menu
    Guess The Word (Game) AJAX
    Guest users must enter a username
    Guest Welcome Message
    Guests First Post Only
    gWoWChar - World of Warcraft Character Menu
    gXboxLive - Xbox Live Leaderboard
    HabboIcon in postbit
    Haggis Top Posters
    Harmor's Bot Protection
    Header Marquee Text
    Hidden replies 1.23 First post is visiblereplies are hidden
    Hide Avatars & Signatures from Guests
    Hide Links From Guests
    hide post on report
    hide quick reply for mods & admins
    Highlight BBCode
    highslide integration with vB attachments - lightbox alternative - inline too
    Horoscopes Hack v1.5
    How to create a Ajax Sidebar with Recent Posts
    HS - External Signature Image Size Limiter
    HS - Signature of the Week
    I can't seem to keep these kids away from my forum!
    IBank - Simple, Flexible, Integratible bankin system for any cash system!
    IBProArcade 2.5.7 make a PostThread on new Highscore
    IbproArcade 2.5.7- Top 25 player
    ibproarcade 2.5.7+ full screen game on v3arcade skin
    ibProArcade - professional Arcade System
    ibProArcade reduce scores to keep arcade competitive
    ibProArcade Shows Game Count + Newest Game and Random Game in your Forum Statistics
    ICash Paid Topic Posting
    ICash, Simple, stand alone point system
    IGN Movie Trailers Embed BB Code
    Ignore Thread Allow Users to Ignore Threads of Their Choosing
    Image Match Forms Hack add-on
    Image resizer
    Imageshack Image Upload
    Imageshack toolbar In Quick Reply
    ~Imageshack Doesnt Want PW users Hosting Images!~ toolbar in new reply
    IMG and URL security
    IMG code to URL in quotes
    IMG to URL BBCode Converter (In Quotes)
    Import Unread News from a Forum
    Improved Moderator Alert System
    Improved Post Report System
    improved postreporting system the vb 3.5.x port
    Improved Thread Preview
    Incomplete Profile Fields Reminder
    Increase Decrease Thread View counts
    Increase adsence above post reply
    Individual Paychecks with vBCredits
    Infobar On All Pages
    Infraction Moderation
    Infraction PM User Override
    inlineVideo - Youtube Myspace Google Ebaums
    Insert Guest Message
    Insert Thread Date into threadbit - for knowing when thread was originally posted
    Install subelafoto (upload you picture)
    Instant New Thread Notification
    Intergrated Image Uploader
    Internet Movie Database (IMDb) BB Code
    Internet Movie Database BB Code
    Invalid (Too Short) Search Keyword Remover
    Invitation System Beta
    Invites System
    IP and System Information in PNG for forum sig
    IP Viewing in posts for particular Second Group
    Ip_NoPost! Blocking Guests with problem IPs from posting!
    IP_NoRegister! Block problem IPs or IP Hosts from registering on your site!
    IP_NoView! Blocking Guests w problem IP addresses from Showthread & Showpost pages!
    IpInfo -- Extra user IP information
    Is Bot Registration Time Check
    Is this post reported
    IShop - Simple, Flexible, and Integrateable
    ISketch on your forum Now works for everyone
    Italian version of Ipbproarcade 2.57+
    iTrader v2.0.1
    Jabber Integration
    JibJab BBCode Video link
    Jump to Your Last Post in a Thread
    JWY - New Forum Notification Image
    Kpt - Clock and Date In Navbar
    Kpt-Ad Forumdisplay + Google Adsense
    Last 10 THreads
    Last Reply Alert Add last reply alert under new reply button
    Last Seen Online in postbit
    Latest 10 PM Admin Index
    Latest Admin Actions on Admin CP Index
    Latest Blogs on Home Page
    Latest Paid Subscribers v1.1
    Latest Referral On Forum Home (Digg Like)
    Latest Threads IN Marquee
    Latest X Posts on Forum Home
    LBmtb's Recent Topics on Non-VB Pages
    LBmtb's Recent Topics on Non-VB Pages (vbSEO edition)
    LDAP Authentication
    Left side column on forum home only
    Let PHP Live! (Allow PHP code in templates)
    Let user choose how many reputation points to give (up to their limit)
    Let users submit their own Adsense Adverts in posts
    Licensed Users System 1.01
    Limit Attachment Downloads
    Limit PMs Sent Per-Day
    Limit Polls Per User
    Limit Registrations per month
    Limit User Registration - Based Upon Email (Domain)
    limited group viewing
    Limited Guest Viewing -- Improve community registration rates
    Link URL Status Checker
    Link Anonymizer and Censor
    Links and Downloads Manager
    Live Forum Statistics on All Pages in Forum Header
    Live Search 1.0 (AJAX)
    Live Video Embed BB Code
    LiveLeakDailyMotionCollegeHumor Vid Embed
    Living Avatars
    Log Logins Hack
    Login via Email
    Make Photopost vBGallery v2.1 work with Zoints SEO. UpDate V1.01
    Make quick style chooser update user settings
    Manage Forum Accounts 2.0 Paginated
    Mark All Forums Read Confirmation
    Mark Threads As 'Solved'
    MD5 Version File Generator
    Media Player Embeded External Video Link BB Code
    MediaPlayer BB Code
    MediaWiki Latest Additions & Changes
    MegaUpload in your threads
    Member # In postbit legacy
    Member Info Latest Threads
    Member Private Menu
    Member Search on Search Drop Down
    Memberlist -- Custom Profile Field Sorting
    Memberlist Show Last Visited Users First
    Members Area
    Member's area in the admin cp
    Members who have posted Today (or in the last 24 hours)
    Members who have visited Today (or in the last 24 hours)
    Menu Control
    MGC Chatbox (with AJAX)
    MGC vBProjects Light
    MH - New Postbit Legacy Look
    Mindestic Gaming CMS Lite BETA
    Mindestic GlosPro 1.2.2
    Mini Navbar Breadcrumb at Bottom of Thread
    Minimum character limit for thread subject
    Miserable users
    MMO Recruitment (EQ, EQ2, LotR, Vanguard, WoW, Matrix Online, SWG, FFO)
    Mobile Device Style Assignment
    Mod-Approved HTML Signatures for vBulletin 3.6
    Model Application
    Moderate New User Registrations (ModCP Option)
    Moderated Members Tagged
    Moderation menu (Navbar Dropdown)
    Moderator Application System 2.0
    Moderator management system
    Module CMPS AJAX Tabbed Content
    Module CMPS PhotoPost vBGallery
    Module CMPSRecent Attachments
    Module for SR Classifieds in VB CMPS
    Money Mod in ur postbit legacy (Vbplaza needed)
    MonkeyStop - Auto-Moderation of Spammer Keywords and URLs by postcount
    Mood Manager - with AJAX mood update
    Mood's on Wol for Mood Manager
    More Livescores Formula -Basket -Baseball -Icehockey
    Most active user Last X (last day, last week, last month, ever) Fully controlled
    Most ever Members, Posters, Guests and Chatters
    most popular admin index
    Most Popular Forum Home
    Move inactive users to separate usergroup
    Move moderators list below others usergroups in showgroups.php
    MP3 player ( new )
    mp3, wma, wav player
    MPDev's Graffiti Wall for vB3.6
    multiFicons - easily have a different status icons for forums
    Multiple account login detector (AE Detector)
    Multiple Account Registration Prevention
    Multiple Navbars
    Music board F3
    My Assigned Issues In vBulletin Project Tools
    My Best Threads
    My Memberinfo Templates
    My Posts & Threads in navbar
    My Recent Posts on Forumhome
    'My Threads' in Quick Links menu
    MySmilies VB
    Myspace button in postbit
    Myspace Profile Re-Write PRO! 1.0.0
    Navbar add-on's
    Navbar Change on new pm
    Navbar Forumjump- Adds a DHTML Forum Jump menu to your Navbar
    navbar forumjump dropdown
    Nested Quotes
    New Download BBCode
    New Members Page
    New PM Notification
    New PM's in navbar
    New Post Alert
    New posts and reputation comments
    New Posts Link at Thread Base
    New Posts show up in external website
    New Registrant Analyzer
    New Usernotes since last visit
    News Reader with RSS Feeds - For Dummies
    News Slideshow
    NextPrevious Thread Title Replacements
    Nick Names
    No Signature Manager
    NoSpam! - an alternative to CAPTCHA images
    note on forwarded messages
    Now Playing
    NuHIT URLs Add rel=nofollow and control where links are opened
    NYO - Simple Attachments Rules (S.A.R) 3.6.x
    NZB Attachment Parser
    One-touch Spam Ban and Cleanup
    Online Thumbs v2.0 Gold
    OpenID Authentication
    OpenSearch Easy
    Os Portal
    Override PM Permissions
    Own Copyright On Archive Page
    Own Redirector and Anonymization V2.0.1
    Panic Button
    Partner Box for Forumhome
    passiveVid - (YouTube, Myspace, Google...) Not BBCODE D
    Password BBCODE Ad-on
    Password Forums all Users
    Pay to Register
    PayPal Donations For vBulletin 3.5.0
    PayPal Easy Donate - vB 3.6
    PayPal Payment Options
    Per Forum Edit Time Limit
    Per Forum MinMax Characters
    Per user EditDeletion flood control (plugin)
    Per User Postbit
    Percentage of PM Quota Used
    PersonalizedGag Threads, Posts, and Signatures (Beta 1)
    Phoogle! An interactive Google Maps mapping system
    PhotoBucket BBCode Video link
    PhotoPlog The Lite Gallery
    PhotoPlog vBa CMPS Thumbs
    Photopost Classifieds Recent Ad Block on Forumhome
    Photopost gallery highslide vB thumbnail integration
    photopost latest uploads by user x in profile
    phpBB2 Thread URL Redirection Script
    Phpclassifieds integration with vbulletin
    Pig's post report system
    Pivot Point Calculator for Financial Forums
    PM button in postbit
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    PM Security Certificate
    PMCrypt - Private Message Encryption
    pmsound notification
    PMVB - Enhanced Memberlist 2.1
    Poll Survey
    Poll Write-In & Change Vote Hack
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    Post Milestone Thread Starter
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    prevent reduction of postcounter
    Prevent Spam Posts
    Prevent Thread Bumping
    Prevent users from viewing poll results before voting
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    Private Debates
    Private Messages Attachments
    Product Add-on VietKey Avim
    Product Poem English
    Product Updates Cron
    Profile Field Tags (previously Clickable User Fields)
    Profile Fields in Postbits
    Profile Gallery Allow Users to Upload Member Profile Images
    Profile Privacy
    Profile UserCP 1.0
    Project Tools - Create Project Managers who get PM on New or Replies to issues
    Project Tools Importer for forum threads
    Project Tools Last Issue Subscriptions on Forumhome
    Proxy to Real IP Conversion
    Prune Private Messages - Age Based
    psiStats 2006 (The New vBStats for vBulletin 3.6.x)
    PT Color Titles by Categories
    PT Color Titles by Status
    PT Display attachment size in each issue
    Quick Account Switch
    Quick Ban & Unban in Postbit & Postbit_legacy!
    QUICK BAN in postbit_legacy for vB3.6 -Instantly ban spammers!
    Quick Forum Edit
    Quick Links for the AdminCP
    QUICK Marquee - Simple scrolling textmessage!
    QUICK MP3 Player - you choose, it plays!
    Quick News V2
    Quick Quote for Quick Reply
    Quick User Delete In PostBit
    Quickreply Add On
    Quote Post in PM
    QuoteIt! - Quote Database
    Radio Stations Add-on
    Random medium sized image on vbadvanced index page
    Rate Threads Bonus
    Read PMs
    reCAPTCHA!vB - MailHide Tired of spam Fight back
    reCAPTCHA!vB - Stop spam. Read books
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    Recipe Mod Database
    Recycle Bin & Moderator Log
    Redirect after Login
    Redirect Archive Search Engine Results To Full Forum
    Redirect to Member Profile after Login (beta)
    Redline's Advanced Memberlist Options
    Reduce ibproArcade best scores of all time
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    Referrals in Postbit
    Referrer in Memberinfo
    Referrer Statistics
    Register to view all text
    Registrations Today Statistics
    Relevant Thread Text
    Religion Tabs
    Remote Links Interceptor
    Remove 'agree to forum rules' step from registration
    Remove all (Template-)Comments from any HTML-Output
    Remove Spiders from Who's Online
    Remove statistic information to increase registrations
    Remove version from copyright FINAL
    Replace threadpost characters
    Replace URL's With Page Title
    Replacement Words In Posts
    Reply to all button in private messages
    Report PM
    Report Post Icon Enhancement
    Report system enhancer
    Reported post sends a pm
    Reputation Displayed As Numbers
    Require Deletion Reason
    Require Post Icon
    Require post icon - Forum specific
    Require reason for reputation
    Require X Posts To Use Custom Titles
    Require X Posts To Use PM System
    Required Attachment
    Reset most users online from the AdminCP
    Resize large IMG images and link them to original
    Restore A Deleted Member
    Restrict attachments by user
    Restrict Post Count
    Rewrite eBay Links
    Rewrite eBay To AuctionAds
    Rhapsody Music Player BB Code
    Right Handed Postbit Legacy (Flipped Postbit)
    rowmOVA - Row mouse over
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    RSS Feed Manager Post RSS to Calendar
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    RSS icons in forumhome and forumdisplay
    RSS items as posts
    Rss Turkish Character Problem Fixed
    Sakera's Hide Poll Results
    Sakera's Pagenav Improvement
    Same Window For Local Links
    Scare your members and visitors! ^^
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    Scr - EnableDisable Right or Left Click
    Scr - PM Preview
    Scr - Signature Line Image
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    Show start date of threads!
    Show Your XBOX 360 Gamertag as your Avatar in Postbit
    Side Navigation
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    SigmaChat Easy Install for 3.6
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    Signature only on first post
    Signature Only Shown Once
    Signed Posts (Nick names addon)
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    Simple code for Welcome headers
    Simple global announcement
    Simple Portal
    Simple Style Statistics
    Simple vB User login and access control on non vB pages
    Single Post Edit Override
    Site Backup (easily backup your forum files)
    Site best Viewed in
    Site Supporter Button in Postbit - PrimaryAdditional Usergroups supported
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    Skin view In Profile
    SmEdD's Portal
    Smilie Info Smilie Usage in Posts
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    Submission buttons. eg Clesto, Digg, Del icio us
    Subscribed Threads, Subscribed Forums, and Event Reminders
    SubscribedFavorite Forums Module vba CMPS module
    Support Forums
    Synergy by Zoints - A system like Digg integrated into forums
    Tab Menu Enhanced
    tDigg - Digg like system for threads
    Tell A Friend
    Template Cache
    Template Modification System
    Text Resizer
    TFW Quickie
    TFW Sponsors
    The new OnlineOffline avatar´s opacity
    The XEON Mp3 Player for vBulletin 3.6.X Integrated
    Thread Auto Reply 1.0
    Thread Auto Reply System (v2.0)
    Thread Category Prefix Hack
    Thread Compose Time
    Thread Content Anti-Theft
    Thread Cosmetics Search
    Thread Cosmetics V1.0
    Thread Description
    Thread passwords
    Thread Prefixes
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    Thread Stencil
    Thread submission mod VBtags.com Get major backlinks!!
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    Thread title enhancement
    Thread views and replies in showthread
    thread visitor counts
    Threadbit Coloring Based on Thread Status
    Threaded Forum Views (Version 3.0)
    Threadmanagement in Quickreply
    Threads count in page (per forum setting)
    Threads List in PostBit
    Threads Started by User in Postbit & Profile
    Throttle PostsThreads (restrict number of poststhreads by usergroupforum by time)
    Thumbnail Font Color
    Tic Tac Toe Game
    Time travel to past discussions
    Timed Redirect - Donations Page Reminder
    Timed Registration Incentive with vBCredits
    Timed Stickies by Zoints - Automated unsticking of stuck threads when YOU want
    TimeDays spent on board
    Timezone Image In Profile
    Title Update
    To The Top Button
    Token of Death (cookie ban)
    ToolTips Balloon
    Top ibProArcade Champs on Forum Home
    Top Posters
    Top Statistic
    Top Thank Earners (monthly stats) for non-vb pages
    Top xx Reputation Forum Home
    topicKill - antibump of topic
    Toplist On What's Going On Box
    Total Posts and Threads of the User in Navbar
    Track Guest Visits
    Trim newsfeed content
    TryvBCode AJAX
    Turkish Lang file for Ipbpro arcade 2.5.8+
    Turkish Lang file for Ipbproarcade 2.5.9
    Turn Google Image Results into Page Views (also helps w hotlinking)
    Turn off Who's Online for users who choose to go Invisible
    T-VBhoroscopes Addon -daily updated content
    TXRN Radio BB Code
    Ultimate Side Columns
    Un-Activated User Management 3.1
    Unalterable Admins Can Edit Themselves
    Unanswered Threads link in Quick Links
    Unclosed Assigned Issues In Project Tools
    Unique Avatars
    Unlock Cut, Copy and Paste BBCODE in ToolboX
    Unsubscribe Option via Thread Listing
    Unsubscribe Threads from Forumhome
    Unsupported Style Warning
    Urgent Announcement
    Use hyperlink in navbar to join a usergroup
    User Activity Logging
    User Collapsable Postbit Info
    User Controls in Admin CP
    User FontColor Post Addon
    User Legend on ForumHome
    User Legend on ForumHome with mouseover
    user login pm notification
    User Management in Postbit and Profile v2
    User PM Search
    User Rank by Posts
    user session authication
    User Signature Picture Switch
    Usergroup Color Bar (Legend Bar)
    Usergroup Messages
    Username Colour on Member Profile
    Username Email Protection Plugins
    Username Request
    Usernames color
    User-Online-Photolist for vBa
    Users Active in ibproArcade on top of arcade
    Users posts
    Utility to update pmtotal and pmunread in user table
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    v3 Arcade - Games Arcade System for 3.6.0
    v3 Arcade Dropdown Menu in your Navbar with Newest Games Category
    v3 arcade High-score Champs on Forum Home
    v3arcade Add Game Category when you Mass Game Import
    v3arcade Set Start Category ID
    Vanguard Guild Roster Integration Hack
    Various Unusual BB Code (and Definition List)
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    VB AnyMedia Player Media Sites (youtube, google and many more)
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    vB Google Adsense for Search plus Integration
    VB image Hosting
    VB image Hosting Panel
    vB Importance
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    vB Option Picker
    vB Pizza Boy
    vB Spell
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    vB Weekly Stats
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    vB.Sponsors - Forum and Category Sponsorship Ads with Statistics
    vBa Portal Navigation
    vBadvanced & Photopost Latest comments on front page
    vBadvanced & Photopost quick moderation of images and comments on the front page
    vBadvanced CMPS ~ Zoints Newest Blog Entries
    vBadvanced CMPS ~ Zoints Random Members
    vBadvanced CMPS Donations Module Add-On
    vBadvanced CMPS Navigation v1.11
    vbadvanced Links 2.0beta Number of contributed links in profile
    VbAdvanced Snapvine Module
    vbadvanced stock market
    VBay! Transform your vbulletin into an auctionhouse!
    vBCredits - Ultimate Points System
    vBdiary & vBblog - Convert a forum into a diary or weblog (blog) forum
    vbDrupal 5
    vBFlash Header (Lite) - Alternative to default vBulletin logoheader
    vBFriends - View your social network and surf to others in vBulletin 3.5
    vBGallery - Forum Home
    vBgallery - vBulletin Highslide integration
    VBGooglemap Member Edition
    vBH-Advanced Right Menu
    vBH-Background avatar for banned users
    vBH-Big Translation (Advanced Language Translation Tools )
    vBH-MP3 Player
    vBH-Postbit Manager
    vBH-Shadowing & Blur username
    vBi-Gallery for vB 3.6.X
    vBISpy - AJAX real-time feed of new poststhreads
    vBISpy module - live AJAX feed of new threads - for vBAdvanced CMPS
    vBISpy Who's Online resolution plug-in
    vBJirc Java irc integration for vb 3.6.x
    VBJv mEssenger v2.02
    VBKeepLink GoogleVideo, Metacafe, Youtube ... Get Video Download Link
    'vBMenu' DHTML User Option
    vbMp3 & XEON vbMp3 Player
    vBMS vBulletin Mail System
    VbMusic - For Dummies
    VBNow twitter.com equivalent for vbulletin
    vBonjour - Custom Blocks Add On
    vBonjour - General Statistics Add On
    vBonjour - Guest Message Add On
    vBonjour - IBProArcade Fix
    vBonjour - Latest Threads Via RSS Feeds Add On
    vBonjour - Member Message Add On
    vBonjour - Navigation Add On
    vBonjour - Note Pad Add On
    vBonjour - Photoplog Thumbnails
    vBonjour - Portal System
    vBonjour - v3Arcade and IBPro Games Fix
    vBonjour - Who Has Posted Today Add On
    vBonjour - WOL and Board Stats Add On
    vBPicks (Beta 1)
    vBPortfolio Lite
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    vBSEO GoogleYahoo Sitemap Generator v.2.0
    vbshout 2.0 in one forum only
    vbshout 2.0 in specified forums only
    vBshout Automatic Pruning ALL VERSIONS
    vBShout Customization
    vBshout On All Pages
    Vbshout Rules
    vbShout v2.1 on ALL pages! (Below NavBar)
    VBSoccer V2 +NFL Livescores
    vBStatistic Preview Edition
    vBTemplates - Custom templates anywhere
    vBulletin Ldap Authentication Plugin
    vBulletin Project Tools - Color to Indicate Status
    vBulletin Resource
    Vbulletin Rss Views Feed 2.0.1
    vBulletin Statistics (BBClone)
    vBulletin.org in the Admin CP
    VBulletin-Wordpress Bridge for 3.64
    vbWiki Standard - vBulletin+MediaWiki integration
    vCharset Converter - enjoy the AJAX & UTF-8
    vHosting Lite
    Vietnamese Keyboard for vBulletin
    Vietnamese™ Product-mViet (mViet)
    View forum in AdminCP or new tabwindow!
    View Forum Leaders Based On Usergroup Permissions
    View Forums From CP
    View Myspace Profile Small Mod, Youtube Info Updated
    View Offline Board Usergroup Permissions
    View threads started in postbit
    View Unread PMs
    View Usernotes Given
    Viewing your forum in Control Panel
    Visit Statistics 1.1 - Visit Counter for vBulletin
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    Webmaster Tools (Google & *****)
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    Webmazter - Show ALL Group Memberships
    Welcome headers - Improve community registration rates
    Welcome Panel Template Rewrite
    Welcome Thread with VB Options
    Who has read a Thread
    Who is chatting (for Flashchat)
    Who is chatting Add-On (for Flashchat)
    Who looked my profile
    Who Rated This Thread Delete Who Rated
    Who's Online at the top!
    Who's Online faker
    Who's Online for all Vbadvanced Pages
    Wii Code - IM Icon
    Wikipedia reference-link BBCode
    WOL - Forums and Threads
    Word Cloud Display Most Common Words from Posts in Cloud
    Workarounds for 2Checkout Subscription Purchase Issues
    Working Image On Redirect Screen
    World of Warcraft Event Calendar
    World of Warcraft Recruitment Form
    World of Warcraft Recruitment Status Module!
    WoW Characters
    WowHead BBcode 1&2
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    Yet Another Forum Rules Page
    Yet Another Mass Private Message System 1.0.1
    Youtube display link parser without bbcode
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    ZH - Auto Lock Thread
    ZH - Background Music
    ZH - Banned Members
    ZH - BBCode Pack
    ZH - Clean Log
    ZH - Closed Thread Mark-Up
    ZH - Debug Mode
    ZH - Default Buddy
    ZH - Default PM Title
    ZH - Default Referrer
    ZH - Disable Self PM
    ZH - Don't Require E-Mail Confirmation
    ZH - Don't Require Password Confirmation
    ZH - Event Count On Forumhome
    ZH - Event Manager
    ZH - Global Variables
    ZH - Hack System LITE
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    ZH - Loading Effect
    ZH - Member Count On Memberslist
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    Zoints Forumban - Ban members from a single forum
    Zoints LOCAL. Social networking, enhanced profiles, blogs and MUCH more
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