3D Creative - Issue 115, March 2015

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    3D Creative - Issue 115, March 2015
    Welcome to the August 2013 issue of 3dcreative magazine! To celebrate our new look, we've invited the talented London-based character artist Andrew Hickinbottom to show us around his colourful portfolio in our feature interview. He also teaches us a few of his pro modelling tips and tricks in the tutorial section, so be sure to check that out! Andrew will be back next issue to show us how to tackle clothing in 3ds Max for stylised characters, too. While the magazine looks all-new, the content inside is our usual top-notch quality, including tons of incredible art from around the world, plus a variety of in-depth tutorials to help you take your work to the next level. The big difference you'll notice is that it's now all much easier to read and enjoy. Awesome!
    3D Creative - Issue 115, March 2015
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