3D FLUFF Training for CINEMA 4D Volume 4 DVD

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    3D FLUFF Training for CINEMA 4D Volume 4 DVD-HELL | ISO | 1.16 GB

    Maxon's latest CINEMA 4D version, Release 9.5, brings to the table lots of new improvements for image quality and realism. Without someone to show you around you may completely miss some outstanding new features. Volume 4 grants you access to three and a half hours of professionally edited footage and numerous tutorials to teach you advanced techniques.

    Departing from the large project style of previous 3D Fluff DVDs, this hulking green disc contains a mountain of teaching which will help set you apart from everyone else. The tutorials give insight into the high-end techniques you can exploit for your own use or take with you into studios. Although most of the projects are aimed at pro users, enough guidance is given to ensure that nobody is left behind.
    You will require CINEMA 4D Release 9.5 and the Advanced Render module in order to use the majority of the content on this DVD.


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