NitroFlare 7 Essential Techniques To Improve Your Celtic Fiddle Playing.

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    7 Essential Techniques To Improve Your Celtic Fiddle Playing
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    Tips And Tricks To Developing A Distinctive Celtic Fiddle Sound Based On Over Thirty Years of Colin's Experience
    Over the years, it has been wonderful to see musicians playing a few Celtic fiddle tunes with friends, perhaps at a house dinner or in a music session at a local bar.

    Joining in with the music is probably the most fun part of all.

    And this course has been created to help fiddle and violin players on their Celtic fiddle music journey and most importantly, having fun whilst playing Celtic fiddle music.

    Take The Next Steps On Your Musical Playing Journey With The Seven Essential Techniques for Celtic Fiddle

    Short Engaging Presentations
    Simple Exercises
    Learn On The Go
    Ideas on how to create your own musical adventures are also included

    Understand Some of The Secrets Of Celtic Fiddle Playing With The Seven Essential Techniques

    There are many benefits to playing Celtic fiddle. You can develop the skill of learning to play a fiddle tune by ear and this skill alone makes it more fun to join in playing with other people at a music session!

    And very often there is the question,'Where do I start if I want to take the next steps on my Celtic fiddle journey or improve my Celtic fiddle playing?'

    Well, the Seven Essential Techniques, created by Colin MacLeod, provides you with that opportunity to take those next steps.




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