700$ Dating pro Script

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    Site features
    - Highly customizable layout. The only requirement for you is your knowledge of HTML and basics of PHP/MySQL
    - 6 Preset design templates - Quick view and Detailed view. You can choose any of them as a start for creating your unique design.
    - Multilanguage interface. Remove any language limits, connect all the people.
    - "Free trial" option. Give you users a chance to try out your site before purchasing a membership

    Effective interactivity
    - New faces and Top members on index page
    - Opportunity to add any language in Admin area
    - Option “Tell a friend” on the index page
    - IM & Flash Chat; Unlimited number of Chat rooms
    - Ignore/Unignore user
    - Site news and alerts subscription
    - RSS news set-up
    - Notification on receiving a message
    - On-site Mailbox
    - Feature to reach any user quickly – using email, registered email address, system messages
    - Send a kiss
    - Add to hotlist
    - Multi - language interface – English, French, Russian, Danish, German, Italian and Bosnian
    - Send a profile link to a friend
    - Online or Offline indicator next to user’s profile

    New features
    - Seamlessly integrated Audio/Video chat
    - "Hot-or-not" option. Any user can get rated by other members
    - "Save your search" option. A user can save his/her search criteria for repeating search
    - Horoscope feature added

    User area features
    - Date of last user login in search results and profile
    - Smoother registration process – now it’s split into 9 steps. Every step brings a user closer to a final goal – dating time
    - User can check during registration if the chosen login already exists (created on Ajax technology)
    - Advanced profile: General Description (Personal Info, My description, My Notice), Self-Portrait (My Personality, My desired portrait, My Interests), Desired Partner Criteria, Photo Album
    - Opportunity to review and edit profile
    - Admin can add moderators from site members
    - Lost password feature
    - Profiles rating in View profile section
    - Photos, audio and video files upload
    - Opportunity to set up rights to show photos – to all users, all registered users, only friends
    - Photos rating in photo gallery
    - Photo Gallery with opportunity to add comments to the photos
    - Opportunity for a user to delete his/her profile from the site
    - Detailed profile statistics: profile completion in percentage, members who visited user’s page this month, number of members online, total members
    - Top 10 users are listed automatically according to profile rating results
    - Different users’ groups
    - Hot & Black List
    - Perfect match

    Admin area features
    - Opportunity to enable/disable displaying of personal user info (e.g. birthday, name, surname, and zip-code)
    - Full users’ statistics in admin mode with opportunity to reach users just clicking the link
    - Option to set users’ registration approval in admin mode
    - Option to review and edit login, password, personal administrator's details
    - Opportunity to set up number of photos, video, and audio fragments for users
    - Parameters tooling to enter clients' data
    - Manual or automatic icons, photos, video, audio, and gallery files approval
    - Users' photos, audio and video fragments control
    - View profile limit (for non-registered users)
    - Detailed site statistics
    - Detailed users’ statistics by Nick, Name, gender, Age, Registration Date, Last Login, Status
    - Opportunity to contact user directly from admin area
    - Admin can use WYSIWYG editor for creating/editing section Help, Testimonials, Contact, General conditions and Dating Advise
    - Quantity of symbols in zip-code
    - Date Format
    - Database backup
    - Setting permissions and payment for groups
    - Help, Testimonials, General Conditions, Contact Us, Take a Tour, Press Areas editing
    - "Bad Words" control
    - Knowledgebase with opportunity to set question to Support Team directly from admin area
    - Company News
    - Flash chat control
    - Opportunity to add static banners to most site pages

    Additional modules
    - Color themes to choose before purchase
    - Advanced Newsletter system
    - Affiliate system
    - Audio/Video chat from Userplane
    - "Hot-or-not" option. Any user can get rated by other members
    - Seamlessly integrated Forume module
    - MsAnalysis module can give administrator a most comprehensive statistics available
    - Poll module
    - Events module ("Speed Dating")

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    thanks brother plz give me a template
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    Feb 29, 2012
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    thanks promet...
  4. kader5

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    Promet thanks for this script....

    There is not someone who has some template for DatingP

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    Is this the old version???? 2005??
  6. habaigadalis

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    Mar 27, 2014
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    is there any install info for this plz as i want to set it up but cant find a readme file to set it up thanks
  7. starmstoks

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    how exactly do i install this on a server?
  8. SLaYeR

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    I have xxxxxxxx install instructions, the link is below ... enjoy

  9. starmstoks

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    ,,thanks for the install info,,,

    do you know ,,how to make my self to access the admin the board to delete ,and do other staff?
    and how do i change the name from the top picture?,,thanks
  10. starmstoks

    starmstoks Guest

    i installed okay,,and i did register ,,but how do i acces the administration area,,so i can change the picture ,,and title name?,,
  11. SLaYeR

    SLaYeR Guest

    Before you start operating your Site there are several steps you should follow to optimize your time and effort:

    1. After initial software installation run installation script for countries database. Install path is: http://1. yoursitename.com/install/countries. To proceed countries installation it’s necessary to access your ftp server and rename ‘...’ folder to ‘install’; after it you’ll be able to access http://.../install/countries page and install countries database. Rename ‘install’ folder to some other name after countries are installed.

    2. Upload a new logo for your site. The path for the logo is: Templates>pilot_3_theme>images>logo.gif 2. Please note that a new logo should be of the same name, size and format as the initial one. Just create a new one and upload it to the same place instead of the current image. Besides, you can upload a new Logo from the Admin panel: Admin settings > Site logotype. Here you can change the site logotype

    3. Change site Titles, keywords, copyright (if necessary), descriptions in Language files in administration mode.

    Logging in:

    To login as administrator, enter login/password you indicated during installation (http://www.youresite.com/admin/ — if a site was installed into root). If authorization was successful, you’ll get the main page of admin area. Such sections as Knowledgebase, Company News, Site statistic, Documentation and Dating Blog are available here. Knowledgebase contains basic information on the product, FAQ and manuals. Site statistic provides information about your site and users. This page is always available by link “Home” in left upper corner.
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    hi hope you dont mind me reuploading them as they was not there the other day but had it on my other computer so here and thanks for it in the first place
  13. starmstoks

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    man do you know **i forgot the id and password **do you know how to recover?**i try the emails that i have and still sayz invalid mail**
    i may have to remove everything and redo the all site**i need the id to enter the admin area***

    thank you for that info...that you give me also (up)
  14. starmstoks

    starmstoks Guest

    here you go

    credits to "ρяσмєт''

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