A Caribbean Mystery (1983) DvdRip

Discussion in 'Archive' started by llanes13, Mar 11, 2008.

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    Please - if there is any possibility to upload new rars - please, please - do so.

    I've been searching for this movie for a long time but - it can't be found anywhere.

    There were only 2 uploads in a whole net - and one of which was yours - but - since in their rar names were the name of the movie - rapidshare service blocked it and removed it due to copyrights on it.

    I've seen this movie as a child and since Helen Hayes is my favourite Miss Marple - I realy would like to see this film again and have it in a collection of movies based on Agatha Christie's novels.

    I hope - there is still a chance to see this film - and - I thank you in advance for that chance :)
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    Can anybody re-up?

    Is there anybody in the whole wide world with this movie in digital form? Usually, Agatha Christie movies are easy to find because they're so popular.

    I'd murder to see this. Just kidding. But if anybody can upload, I and at least one other (see above) would be happy!


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