A Dream of Kings (1969)

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    A Dream of Kings (1969)

    Filling a request for this seldom seen jewel of a film, a moving, richly textured character study of a Greek-American family man cum ne’er-do-well featuring career high performances by Anthony Quinn, Irene Papas and Inger Stevens.
    From a Variety review, December 17, 1969:
    “The adaptation of Harry Mark Petrakis' book about an epic Greek-American father, philanderer, and gambler whose dubious means of support is dispensing wisdom and wrestling instruction emerges as a warm, upbeat, artistically realized drama. It stars Anthony Quinn portraying super-mensch, the noble ethnic, and it is one of his most powerful and convincing performances.

    “In the Greek sector of Chicago, Matsoukas (Quinn) makes his hand-to-mouth living as a small time but honest gambler, since his counseling business in a walk-up dingy tenement building is considerably less than a living. His wife (Irene Papas), two girls and his gravely ill son (Radames Pera) exist on the widowed mother-in-law's life insurance. Yet Matsoukas, as his best friend (Sam Levene) points out, wears his frayed collar and run-down heels like battered armor. He is a descendant of gods and heroes of Mount Olympus.
    “Stalking the Chicago streets and local gambling rooms in a shabby overcoat, he lustily devours life and injects it back into other people like hormone shots. He romances an attractive but emotionally dead widow (Inger Stevens), not so much seducing her as coaxing her back to passion. He convinces a 70-year-old man that the cause of his impotence is not his age, but his 30-year-old wife getting older and less attractive and sends him home snorting like Pan hot after Aphrodite.


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