A selection of Old Books On Fencing [PDF]

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    A selection of Old Books On Fencing [PDF] | 722MB

    Various books on old fencing masters: Marozzo, Alfieri, Agrippa, Hutton, Di Grassi, Cappo Ferro, Giganti, Joachim Meyer, and others, in different languages ??(Italian, English., It., Fr.) Some have translations.
    Extras. Info: Books are actually in different formats, there is a doc-marketing version, some scans, unfortunately, not very good quality as the originals are not spared the time.

    List of Books:
    A. Alessandri.
    Two. Hans leckuechner-lebkommer 1558.
    Three. Saber exercise us army in 1907.
    4. John Godfrey London in 1747.
    Five. l'Abbat in 1734 Dublin.
    6. Army manual of the bayonet in 1913.
    7. Henry San Didier Paris in 1573.
    Eight. Liankur.
    9. Agrippa.
    10. Alfieri.
    11. AlfredHutton_ColdSteel, Old swordplay.
    12. Angelo Broadsword.
    13. Cappo Ferro.
    14. CoursEpee.
    15. Digrassi.
    16. Giganti.
    17. Giganti 1606.
    18. Giganti_eng.
    19. Jakob Sutor.
    20. Joachim Meyers Leger und Huten Positionen.
    21. LoSchermo.
    22. Long Sword Techniques and History.
    23. Marozzo.
    24. Mike Rasmusson.
    25. Wayne-sword-excercise.
    26. Vincentio Saviolo.


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