A-Train 9-POSTMORTEM (Game PC/2010/English)

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    A-Train 9
    Language: English
    PC Games| Team: POSTMORTEM | Publisher: CyberFront | Developer: Artdink | ISO | 822.31 MB
    Genre: Simulation

    The Train Giant delivers players the perfect balance of build'em up, management simulation and infrastructure development as players take on the challenging role of Train Company CEO. Tasked with developing their small towns into sprawling prosperous cities, players will need to make savvy strategic management choices that will attract businesses, keep citizens happy as well as taking the economy and the environment into account

    With a huge amount of control and flexibility at their fingertips, players will be in charge of developing the industrial and commercial areas of their city which will need to be serviced by a transport system that caters to both passenger and freight traffic. Players will also be responsible for managing the development and smooth running of the city's infrastructure, including building and maintaining stations, depots and track, as well as creating timetables for rail and bus stops, loading bays and junctions. As the city grows players will be able invest in new technologies such as clean energy and buy and sell shares on the virtual stock market

    Notes: A-Train = Train Giant = Bahn Gigant

    ALS pred an 0day a few days ago with ripped
    music, here's the full ISO




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