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    ABViewer Enterprise (x86/x64) | 105 MB
    ABViewer is a high-quality, cost-efficient multi-functional design and engineering document management application. ABViewer offers you a wide choice of professional viewing and editing tools. Support of more than 30 both raster and vector formats is provided, including AutoCAD DWG, DXF, DWF, Hewlett-Packard HPGL, PLT, HGL, CGM, SVG, IGES/IGS, STEP/STP, STL, 3DS, TIFF, BMP, JPG, GIF etc.

    The 10th version includes the following features:

    Convenient navigation in 3D mode while viewing 3D models
    Supported formats: STEP, STP, IGES, IGS, BREP, STL, SAT (ACIS®)
    Export into OBJ and STL
    Copy with base point
    Embedding of Xref files into the current drawing
    Deleting of segments with one mouse click on the internal or external side of the selected outline
    Quick access to CAD file settings, layers and layout options from the window Batch print
    The window Structure now has search and access to files
    Export of bit-mapped images into DWG and DXF in the window Batch
    Command Convert to polyline converts the selected object into a polyline
    Command Show performs zooming of the selected objects in the window of the program working area
    Commands Explode all and Explode all inserts break connections between all compound objects in the drawing
    The option Show contours of composite objects added and includes showing of the objects contours while relocating complex objects
    Polyline editing improved and now parallel relocation of line segments is possible
    The option Fillet for polyline that enables the user to create arc segments of a specified radius
    The opportunity of filtration added in the window Layers
    Command line improved, system variables added

    Work in 3D mode has become easier due to convenient navigation. When object is pointed with the cursor its surface is highlighted.

    Key features:

    A combined viewer, editor and converter
    Support of DWG, DXF, PLT, HPGL, TIFF, SVG, CGM, IGES/IGS*, STEP/STP*, STL*, 3DS* and other industry-standard formats (* for 3D formats please install a free 3D Plugin)
    Printing of large formats (e.g. A1), on an A4 printer
    The versatility to perform all operations from design to engineering with related documentation
    An easy-to-use, fast, professional and powerful product

    The most important aspects of ABViewer are quality, speed and price!
    Supported formats:

    AutoCAD DWG, DXF and all versions of DWF
    Hewlett-Packard PLT Viewer: HPGL, HGL, HG, PRN, SPL
    Scalable Vector Graphics: SVG
    Computer Graphics Metafile: CGM
    3DStudio (and many others): 3DS
    Stereolithography file format (ANSI and binary): STL
    Initial Graphics Exchange Specification: IGES1
    Standard for the Exchange of Product model data: STEP1
    PS Adobe
    Windows metafile: EMF, WMF
    All popular raster drawings supported, including TIFF, BMP, JPG, PSD, and GIF
    Full list

    Managing Portions of Drawings:

    Copying portions of drawings to the clipboard in raster (BMP) and vector (EMF) formats
    Printing portions of drawings
    Saving portions as separate files (DXF, PDF, BMP, etc)

    Editing Drawings:

    ABViewer allows editing of both standard CAD formats such as DWG and DXF and other vector files: PLT, SVG, CGM. The application provides all the professional editor tools and enables operations supported by 'heavy editors', which are usually used for design work.

    Conversion Features:

    Copying to the clipboard as BMP, EMF/WMF
    Exporting drawings to raster formats BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF with the possibility of additional settings
    Saving vector data when exporting to the vector files: PDF, DXF, PLT, SVG, CGM, SWF, WMF, EMF
    ! Important: Clip Rectangle allows conversion of a selected part of the drawing

    Batch Conversion and Batch Print

    It is now much faster and easier to print or convert a large number of files into another format. ABViewer supports simultaneous conversion and print in batch mode - with the same settings for all files.

    Quick Load and Scaling Big Black-and-White Raster Files:

    In ABViewer we have applied our know-how concerning 1-bit (Black-and-white) raster formats management. Huge 15-20 thousand pixel files can be loaded in less than one second. They are immediately scaled - a feature that is very convenient with TIFF scanned drawings.

    Measurement Tools:

    Quick and easy setting of scale factor for measurements - no additional computations needed!
    Changing of lengths, areas and perimeters

    CAD File Management

    You can hide all the texts and sizes just by one mouse click
    Convenient switching between files
    A large number of settings for snapping to objects, used for both editing and measurement purposes
    Measuring distances on a drawing (including the scale factor setting)
    3D viewing and editing
    Viewing with six orthogonal projections and four isometric views
    Automatic rotation of the loaded CAD file by a given angle
    Managing layers
    Color and black-and-white modes for CAD files
    Choosing a background color
    DWG/DXF/SVG/CGM arcs and circles can be drawn as smooth curves and saved as metafile arcs, and ellipses as EMF, which allows scaling without loss in quality
    Setting the quantity of line segments when drawing circles, arcs, ellipses and splines
    Merging drawings into one file
    The possibility of viewing a CAD files structure
    Supporting SHX-fonts, including UNICODE and BIGFONTS.

    File Search

    Favorites and Explorer panels give the possibility of fast file navigation. Thumbnails sub-programme allows viewing of all files in a catalogue before they are opened, including DXF, PLT and other files not managed by Windows or ordinary viewers. Due to the up-to-date tab-based document structure, you can navigate between files quickly and easily.

    File Navigation

    Dynamic scaling of the drawing with the help of the mouse-wheel, like in AutoCAD™. 'Find text' and 'Find point' lead to the necessary part of the drawing quickly. If only the contour of a detail is required in the drawing, it is possible to hide all the texts and sizes by one mouse-click; it is not necessary to open layers and change their visibility.


    The Redline mode or commentaries to the drawing provide additional information that is 'applied over' the drawing but does not change the basic file. All editing elements are at your disposal in this mode. Commentaries and remarks, together with the basic file, can be printed or converted to another format. A drawing can be supplied with many commentaries of this kind. In addition, the path to the redline files containing the remarks can be saved, which allows to load the files automatically when the drawing is opened next time.


    The print feature provides the user with a vast range of capabilities. Both a single file and a set of files can be printed with predefined settings. The 'Print preview' dialog box contains a large number of settings, for example DWG/DXF line width, color and layers, and nil width value. Printing 'in tiles' allows printing images on any number of sheets of any size with the necessary scale. For example, large images (A0, A1 etc) can be divided into many small pages of a different size for subsequent pasting together into one big drawing. Any 'tile' can be printed separately. Therefore, if one page seems defective (e.g., because of problems with the printer), it is possible to re-print this page separately. As an alternative to printing the whole file, it is possible to print a selected area (with the help of 'Clip Rectangle' that selects the required part) and print the view area. Color drawings can be printed with a black-and-white printer in high quality and without grey halftones. There is a number of frames that can be inserted onto the printed page.
    Preset sizes for standard formats (ISO-A; DIN: A4, A3, A2, A1, A0; US: A, B, C, D, E).

    Supported Formats

    ABViewer can be associated with all the supported formats

    Supported CAD formats:
    DWG - all versions (from 2.5 to 2012 inclusive)
    DXF ASCII (all versions)
    Template files: DWT
    Autodesk Design Web Format: DWF
    Hewlett-Packard HPGL: PLT, HGL, HG, HPG, PLO, HP, HP1, HP2, HPGL, HPGL2, GL2, PRN, SPL
    Scalable vector graphics: SVG
    Computer graphics metafile: CGM
    Adobe Acrobat Document: PDF
    Encapsulated PostScript File: EPS
    Adobe Postscript: PS
    Supported raster pictures:
    Bitmaps: BMP, RLE, DIB
    Icons: ICO
    Compuserve GIF: GIF
    Arts & Letters thumbnail: GED Images
    Autodesk: CEL, PIC Images
    CALS Raster: CAL
    Images Dr. Halo: CUT, PAL
    Images GFI fax: FAX
    JPEG images: JPG, JPEG
    Images Kodak Photo-CD: PCD
    Images Paintshop Pro: PSP
    Images Photoshop: PSD, PDD
    Images Portable network graphic: PNG
    Images Portable pixel/gray map: PPM, PGM, PBM
    Images SGI: BW, RGB, RGBA, SGI
    Images SGI Wavefront: RLA, RPF
    Images TIFF: TIF, TIFF
    Images Truevision: TGA, VST, VDA, WIN
    Images ZSoft Paintbrush: PCX
    Supported vector images:
    Metafiles: WMF
    Enhanced Meta File: EMF

    Supported 3D file formats (built in 3D Viewers)

    AutoCAD™ drawing file format: DWG
    Drawing Exchange Format: DXF
    3DStudio (and many others): 3DS
    Stereolithography file format (ANSI and binary): STL (STL Viewer)
    Initial Graphics Exchange Specification: IGES/IGS1 (IGES Viewer)
    Standard for the Exchange of Product model data: STEP/STP1 (STEP Viewer)
    WaveFront and many others: OBJ
    GNU Triangulated Surface: GTS
    Triangular Irregular Network vector file format: TIN
    ASCI Scene Export: ASE
    Blitz 3D model files: B3D
    Ghoul2 (GLM) model files: GLM, GLX, GLA
    Pulsar Studio LMTS File Format: LMTS
    Lightwave3D object file (6.0 or above): LWO
    Nurbs surfaces vector file: NURBS
    NormalMapper files: NMF
    FSRad OCT files: OCT
    Stanford Triangle Format vector file: PLY
    Virtual Reality Modeling Language vector file: VRML
    MDC files: MDC
    Quake2: MD2
    Quake3: MD3
    Doom3 mesh vector file format: MD5
    Half-Life: SMD
    Quake3: BSP

    Export to the following formats:

    Adobe Acrobat Document (*.pdf)
    Adobe Flash (*.swf)
    AutoCAD™ DXF (R2000): (*.dxf)
    Bitmap Files: (*.bmp)
    Computer Graphics Metafile: (*.cgm)
    GIF (*.gif)
    Hewlett-Packard HPGL: (*.plt)
    JPEG: (*.jpg)
    TIFF (*.tiff)
    Scalable Vector Graphics: (*.svg)
    Windows Metafiles: (*.wmf)
    Windows Enhanced Metafiles: (*.emf)

    There is support for more than 30 languages:

    Brazilian Portuguese
    Portuguese (Portugal)

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