NitroFlare ACD Systems Canvas Draw 2.0.168 (Mac OS X)

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    ACD Systems Canvas Draw 2.0.168 (Mac OS X) | 219.86 MB
    Canvas Draw 2 for Mac is specifically designed to make it possible for small business owners, designers, illustrators, and professionals to advertise and communicate with confidence. It's easy to get ahead with Canvas Draw 2 for Mac's powerful feature set that is streamlined for content creation and packed full of technically-driven tools - all while maintaining its speedy performance. Avoid the expense of contracting out for your graphic design needs with vector, raster, and text development and editing capabilities in a single application.

    What's New
    Canvas Draw 2 for Mac includes a wide variety of new tools to improve your user experience and increase the array of tasks you can perform:

    • More work area customization and tools for ease of use
    • A global search tool for locating text and objects by attribute
    • A wider range of supported file formats and color management systems
    • More ways to create web content and to manipulate objects, images, and paths to suit your needs
    • Create custom filters for image processing
    • Turn regular objects into 3D objects
    • Develop duotone images
    • Enjoy multiple new tools involving selections for a variety of time-saving effects, and much, much more

    System Requirements:

    • Mac computer with an Intel® processor with 64-bit support
    • 4 GB RAM installed
    • 1 GB free hard disk space (2 GB recommended)
    • 1024x768 or higher screen resolution recommended

    • Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10, and 10.11

    [b]Download From NitroFlare[/b]
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