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    Acolytes (2009) DVDRiP XViD-FiCO


    James Tresswick and Mark Vincent are victims of a brutal bully Gary
    Parker who has maltreated both boys, marking their bodies and spoiling
    their young lives. In their last year of high school, James and Mark
    find a way to stop being victims. They're going to kill Gary; Wandering
    alone around an isolated forest - the suspected site of the
    disappearance of a local girl - 17 year old Mark strays upon an adult
    male filling in a trench. It's suspicious and tantalizing. Mark returns
    with his friend James and Chasley Keys and they bring shovels to exhume
    what will probably be rotting garbage or someone's dead pet - or so
    they tell themselves. They find the ghostly white body of a woman.
    She's a tourist - a Canadian backpacker. The "trench" is a grave. The
    "adult male" is her killer. And they've got him by the balls.
    Responding to Mark's intimations James floats an idea to seek out "the
    sicko". It'll be a bit of fun. He's confident the guy lives in their
    suburb; Mark saw his car parked on a trail; Mark knows what the car
    looks like; Mark knows what he looks like. It can be done. Chasely goes
    along with it. No surprise. James has done all her thinking since they
    started a relationship. Mark agrees because he's got a thing for
    Chasely and he'd like to appear a bit more like her boyfriend, but
    mostly Mark agrees because he carries a culpable secret. They find the
    car and the killer 24 hours later. He's got the same house as everyone
    else and a kid and a wife. Jeez, it's anticlimactic. Then, in Chasely's
    bedroom, as the girl cleans up the latest damage done to Mark's face by
    an animal called Gary Parker, James floats another idea; What if the
    killer were contacted and told the name of a guy that they'd like to
    see dropped in a hole of his own? He's their secret, isn't he? They
    kind of own him, don't they? If he thinks they might let him go he'd do
    anything, wouldn't he? What could go wrong? James, Mark and Chasley are
    about to cross a line of no return as serial killer Ian Wright lures
    the vulnerable teenagers into his violent world.




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    this is an awesome flick, great aussie actor!
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