Adobe Pagemaker 7.0 + Serial and Updates - by Team Rjaa

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    Adobe Pagemaker 7.0 + Serial and Updates - by Team Rjaa | 128 MB

    Adobe PageMaker 7.0 software is the ideal page layout program for business, education, and small- and home-office professionals who want to create high-quality publications such as brochures and newsletters. Get started quickly with templates, graphics, and intuitive design tools; work productively across Adobe applications; and easily leverage existing content to create customized communication.

    Product overview:

    Adobe PageMaker 7.0 software enables business, education, and small- and home-office professionals to create high-quality
    publications such as brochures and newsletters.

    Create professional-quality publications.

    Create a wide variety of publications in Adobe?‚A® PageMaker?‚A® 7.0,from simple one-page flyers to complex reports. Build your own
    publications from scratch, or take advantage of hundreds of
    predesigned templates that you can modify to suit your needs.

    Quickly lay out publications by creating frames to hold text and
    graphics, applying master pages to apply different page designs
    within a single publication, and using layers to set up a single
    file for multiple versions of a publication.

    Type and format text directly in layout view, or edit using the
    built-in story editor.

    Typeset your text professionally by using kerning and tracking.

    Ensure tight integration with other products.

    Tired of learning new applications only to find they don't work
    well with your existing software? With Adobe?‚A® PageMaker?‚A® 7.0, you'll enjoy a familiar working environment and smooth, easy file import from some of your favorite Adobe applications.

    Get up to speed quickly with familiar Adobe menus, palettes, and
    keyboardAdobe Illustrator?‚A® and Adobe Photoshop?‚A®
    graphics directly into PageMaker.

    Using the new Data Merge feature, merge text and graphics originally stored in spreadsheets or databases to create custom publications,including form letters, mailing labels, envelopes, and catalogs.

    Produce reliable output. Adobe?‚A® PageMaker?‚A® 7.0 provides support for the leading print standards. Output files to any printing device, including digital quick printers and high-end commercial printers.

    Ensure professional-quality color with integrated trapping and built-in printing of color separations.

    Use color management to ensure the quality and consistency of colour output.

    Take advantage of advanced printing options, including duplex printing and the Save for Service Provider and Build Booklet plug-ins.When exporting to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), add document information, change security options, and modify advanced Acrobat?‚A® Distiller?‚A® settings from within PageMaker.

    Explore your creativity: templates and clip art

    Time is precious. Adobe knows that your page layout software should help you save time rather than spend it. That's why Adobe?‚A® PageMaker?‚A® 7.0 provides templates and clip art to help you add a professional touch to your publications.

    Use hundreds of professionally designed templates to lay out your
    newsletters, brochures, reports, business stationery, and other
    publication.Customize the templates to suit your needs. Choose from among thousands of professionally designed clip-art illustrations and photographs.



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