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  1. williams1978

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    What is the deal with all of the ads and pop-ups and annoying redirecting jump screen crap. This was a pretty cool site but I can barely get to it now because of all this crap and if you get redirected to one of those annoying ad sites you cant get back :help:
  2. NitroJen

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    Hi my friend , If you use firefox , Install addblock plus from "Mozila add ones site "
    Install it and then click on them and choose block ...They gone forever....
  3. Use opera and you can turn off java for this site and you get zero ads.
  4. iceboyz

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    this happens 2 me 2 ive have not been on this site lately because all the pop ups and riderecting will give them a try
  5. Uberslap

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    this is how i was told to fix the problem and it work for me and most others

  6. NitroJen

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    Please search before posting my friend ,
    Topics like this is never finished...:give_rose:


  7. badboy.soft

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    Got Pop ups or are CLICSOR pop ups attacking you !! :simi022:

    Well if this is the case Get CLICSOR Free for IE in 60 seconds !!

    No Purchase Necessary !
    No Credit Card Details need !
    And you can not get this in the shops and their's no guarantee :sarcastic_hand:

    Sound Good !!

    Just try this:

    Go to Tools, Internet Properties, Security Tab, Then Restricted Sites, Click on sites
    and add these:

    Hope it works it did for me and thanks to other Divxturka users that gave help to get the problem sorted so no credit taken !!
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  10. uncaff

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    In Firefox, disable Javascript in Firefox Preferences. Pop-ups and redirecting are gone and page loading is much faster.
  11. NitroJen

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    Not good , Better install "addblock plus" from the site "mozila add ones".
    Then click on them and choose block , they gone forever.:mr47_05:


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