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    Casim Khan (Yaqub) is a Glaswegian DJ of Pakistani origin. His devout Muslim parents, Tariq and Sadia, have arranged for him to marry his first cousin, Jasmine, and Casim is happy with the arrangement. Casim then meets and falls in love with Roisin (Birthistle), an Irish teacher working in a Catholic school. They then have to decide whether their love is strong enough to endure the repercussions of their actions and without the support of their respective communities. At the same time, Casim's younger sister, Tahara, struggles to find herself when she cannot gain the respect of either her Scottish schoolmates or her Pakistani relatives. Rukhsana, Casim's older sister, loses her fiancé because Casim's relationship brings dishonour to the family.

    The film's central role is the theme of prejudice and cultural clashes, social differences and discrimination.

    As with nearly all of Ken Loach's work it centres around a society, how it fucntions and lives up to people, their differences and what they have in common


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