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    AE.TUTSPLUS.COM - Volume 1

    List of the Tutorials on AETUTSPLUS Vol. 1
    01. Create a 'Breakup into Particles' Logo Transition.
    02. Create an Illuminating 'Light Painting' Effect.
    03. Create a Stunning Website Demo Presentation.
    04. Design an Awesome 80's Inspired Title Animation.
    05. Create an Ethereal Morphing Letter Canvas.
    06. Create a Mysterious Smoky Logo Reveal.
    07. Play with Fire to Create a Fiery Logo Transition.08. Learn How to Create Chromatic Aberration.
    09. Animate Type the Old School Way.
    10. Create a, 'Dreamy Logo in the Clouds' Animation.
    11. Create Your Own 'Private Ryan' Movie Shot Day-1.
    12. Create Your Own 'Private Ryan' Movie Shot Day-2.
    13. Create an, 'Old TV Footage' Effect.
    14. Create a 'Light-tastic' Logo Reveal Animation, Day-1.
    15. Create a 'Light-tastic' Logo Reveal Animation, Day-2.
    16. Create a Rhythmic 'Beat-Shake' Effect.

    This is the first of many of tutorials that I have obtained and would like to share here. The ISO image contains the tutorial video files in H.264 format using Apple Quicktime's .mov container. There is also an example video in each folder to show you what the completed product will look like. There are also exercise files included (if they are required).

    These are wonderful tutorials that teach some very useful techniques that are sure to have something to offer you regardless of how good you are with After Effects.

    Read more at [FSC] - 16 After Effects Tutorials - Vol 1 | Free eBooks Download - EBOOKEE!




    AE.TUTSPLUS.COM - Volume 1-11

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