AIO Fonts (Update 16.07.2012)

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    AIO Fonts (Update 16.07.2012) | 1.65 GB

    Huge package for professional work, and many other programs to work with fonts.

    Detailed description:
    Collection of Latin font formats TTF (True Type), OpenType, Type1, PostScript.
    * Professional
    * Classic
    * Manuscript,
    * Gothic,
    * Exotic
    * International.

    A collection of fonts with support for Cyrillic (Russian) formats TTF (True Type), OpenType, Type1, PostScript.
    * Classic
    * Cyrillic (old Slavonic)
    * Gothic,
    * Manuscript,
    * Header,
    * Exotic
    * Encoded in KOI-8,
    * In Unicode.

    Other collections of fonts:

    Fonts Linotype (TTF, PS):
    15 000 PostScript fonts.
    TakeType4: a compilation of the same font formats TTF, PS.
    3600 selected TrueType fonts.

    Fonts Open Type:
    Adobe Open Type Commercial Fonts Pack font package from Adobe & MicroSoft, combining the advantages of TTF and PostScript fonts, with examples in PDF format.

    Runes Tengvar (Tengwar):
    A collection of fonts for Tolkien fans for Windows (TTF) and programs from Adobe.

    Character fonts:
    600 best character fonts sorted by brand and in a separate folder.

    Special fonts:
    350 fonts that contain a variety of decorative elements and fonts are also performed in various decorative styles.

    Bar codes:
    Convenient fonts to create the required bar codes in seconds formats TTF and Type1.

    Programs to work with fonts: viewing, conversion to other formats, edit and create fonts.

    FontExpert v6.0.0.1 Russian version:

    FontExpert enables you to view and install fonts, and examine your system for font errors. The program can search for fonts on local drives, CD or DVD, network drives. Found fonts can be placed in a special list for future work. Typefaces that are shown in the view of the program is easy to manage. You can sort, filter, view, copy, move, delete font files, activate or deactivate fonts, create links to the fonts and add them to a group of fonts. The program can control fonts located in the standard Windows Fonts folder and Psfonts (used by Adobe Type Manager), therefore, to remove fonts from standard folders are not necessarily (which requires some font managers).

    Font Browser v1.0.1:

    If you have a lot of fonts, TrueType, by using this program you can quickly and easily view them, select the appropriate for you at this time and install them in Windows.

    MyFonts FontManager v5.2:

    A program to manage fonts installed on your computer, and adding new ones.

    Adobe Font Folio v9.0:

    Huge package for professional work with fonts. It contains a large number of fonts, plus more in OpenType Pro. Includes Adobe Type Manager Deluxe and Adobe Type Reunion Deluxe for organizing font menus. The set includes a 2750 Type 1 fonts from the Adobe Type Library, about 200 fonts in the format of OpenType. These fonts also contain an expanded character set for better linguistic support and enhance their functional extensions for printing. The scope of the new version of Font Folio includes a variety of fonts, from traditional to ornamental and manuscripts.

    100 000 fonts, and everything to work with them


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