NitroFlare AKVIS Plugins Bundle 2015 for Adobe Photoshop (08.2015) MacOSX

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    AKVIS Plugins Bundle 2015 for Adobe Photoshop (08.2015) MacOSX | 3.31 GB
    Standalone & PS Plugin​
    Akvis specializes in development of image processing software and scientific research. The company was founded in 2004 by IT professionals having considerable experience in programming and software development. The company offers a number of products for photographers with bundle and single application products. All of Akvis' products are available as standalone or plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro etc.

    Collection Includes:
    AKVIS Neon 1.0
    AKVIS AirBrush 2.5
    AKVIS ArtSuite 10.5
    AKVIS Chameleon 8.5
    AKVIS Charcoal 1.0
    AKVIS Coloriage 9.5.1
    AKVIS Decorator 4.0
    AKVIS Draw 2
    AKVIS Enhancer 15.0
    AKVIS HDRFactory 4.0
    AKVIS Lightshop 4.0
    AKVIS Magnifier 8.0
    AKVIS MakeUp 3.5
    AKVIS MultiBrush 8.0
    AKVIS NatureArt 7.0
    AKVIS Noise Buster 9.0
    AKVIS Oilpaint 4.0
    AKVIS Pastel Version 1.0
    AKVIS Refocus 5.1
    AKVIS Retoucher 7.0
    AKVIS Sketch 17.0
    AKVIS SmartMask 7.0

    AKVIS Points v1.0

    Requires OS X 10.6 or later

    [b]Download From NitroFlare[/b]
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