All About History – Book of The Titanic 2014-P2P

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    This bookazine tells the full story of the Titanic from the planning stages to the disaster itself, and is the perfect companion for anyone interested in the ship and its history. Here you will find the truth behind a tale that has become legendary, from the blueprints and dimensions from which the ship was born, to the treacherous conditions that would prove its end. You’ll gain insights into the lives of those on board, the aftermath and quest for justice, and the more recent expeditions to inspect and preserve the wreckage of the ship itself. Featuring: Building the Titanic – The blueprints, dimensions and construction of the greatest ship of its time The Voyage – Learn what life was like on the ship before its fateful end The Collision – How the ship came to collide with the iceberg that would create its demise Exhibits – Take a look at rare memorabilia from the time and the ship itself, including tickets and letters.
    All About History – Book of The Titanic 2014-P2P
    English | 180 Pages | HQ PDF | 85.70 MB - All_About_History_Book_of_The_Titanic_2014.rar - 85.7 MB

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