All About John Deere For Kids (2006)

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    A handsome box set including all four All About John Deere DVDs. Three hours of exciting John Deere action featuring Johnny Poppers, John Deere's newest and biggest tractors, excavators, planters, dozers, hay balers, front-end loaders, and much more. We trace the growing season -- from planting the seeds to harvest. Show how corn, soybeans, pumpkins, and grapes are harvested. We visit the Two-Cylinder Expo and the Thresherman Show in Northwest Iowa with over 300 vintage John Deeres on display. See Feller Bunchers, Knuckleboom Loaders, and Log Harvesters in action. Laugh with jam-prone Otto and tap your feet to the original award-winning music of James Coffey. Kids will learn, laugh, and want more. Grown ups, too.

    1-Packed with live-actions shots, "All About John Deere for Kids Part 1" presents viewers with tractors of all different shapes and sizes. Your children get to see tractors plowing large fields on farms, moving earth at construction sites, clearing timber in the forest and loading trucks at quarries. They get to learn about the earliest John Deere tractors. They get to learn about the latest John Deere tractors and find out how they make the most of modern technology by incorporating features such as GPS. They even get
    2-See both new and antique John Deere equipment in action tractors, excavators, cultivators, planters, and dump trucks. We trace the growing season, show how soil is prepped, how seeds are planted, how the soil is cultivated. See John Deere s newest tractors along with Johnny Poppers including the 1925 Spoker D and the rare 8020, six-cylinder, from 1960. We visit a John Deere auction, the Two-Cylinder Expo in Moline, and a pumpkin patch. Great segment on farm toys. Wall-to-wall Green and Yellow action...
    3- We visit the Threshermen & Collectors show in Iowa where over 300 Johnny Poppers are on display. Plus, old time steam tractors and thrashing machines. Then to the Northwest to see feller bunchers, knuckleboom loaders, & log harvesters in action. Also, new John Deere tractors, graders, skid steers & front end loaders. Five new songs by James Coffey, and you will laugh again with jam prone Otto. Kids will learn, laugh, and want more. You will love part 3 if you enjoyed the first...


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