All Artificial Intelligence , Lisp and Prolog Books

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    All Artificial Intelligence , Lisp and Prolog Books
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    A big All Artificial Intelligence , Lisp and Prolog Books.

    Artificial Intelligence :

    Bayesian networks :
    Dynamic Bayesian Networks Representation, Inference And Learning - Kevin Patrick Murphy
    Learning Bayesian Networks - Neapolitan R. E.

    computer vision :
    Computer Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Computer Vision Problems - Ming-Chin Lu
    Computer Vision - Linda Shapiro
    Computer Vision 2d ed - Dand h Ballard
    Computer Vision A Modern Approach - Forsyth , Ponce
    Computer Vision and Applications A Guide for Students and Practitioners - Bernd Jahne
    Feature Extraction in Computer Vision and Image Processing - Mark S. Nixon
    Fundamentals of Computer Vision - Mubarak Shah
    Handbook of Computer Vision Algorithms in Image Algebra, 2nd Ed - Gerhard X. Ritter
    Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications Volume 1 Sensors and Imaging - Bernd Jahne
    Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications Volume 2 Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition - - Bernd Jahne
    Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications Volume 3 Systems and Applications - Bernd Jahne
    Handbook Of Mathematical Models In Computer Vision - Nikos Paragios
    Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision 2ed - Hartley R., Zisserman A
    Vision with Direction A Systematic Introduction to Image Processing and Computer Vision - Josef Bigun

    Evolutionary computation :
    Data Mining Using Grammar Based Genetic Programming and Applications - Wong, Cheung
    Evolutionary Computation for Modeling and Optimization - Daniel Ashlock
    Evolutionary computation, vol.1 basic algorithms and operators - Baeck T., Fogel D.B., Michalewicz Z
    Evolutionary computation, vol.2 advanced algorithms and operators - Baeck T., Fogel D.B., Michalewicz Z
    Genetic Programming An Introduction On the Automatic Evolution of Computer Programs and its Applications - Morgan Kaufmann
    Genetic programming Complex adaptive systems - Koza J.R.
    Genetic Programming Theory and Practice II - John Koza
    The Handbook of Evolutionary Computation - Kenneth De Jong

    Fuzzy systems :
    FLEXIBLE NEURO-FUZZY SYSTEMS Structures, Learning and Performance Evaluation - Leszek Rutkowski
    Fusion Of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems And Genetic Algorithms - Lakhmi C. Jain , N.M. Martin
    Fuzzy Control Systems Design and Analysis A Linear Matrix Inequality Approach - Kazuo Tanaka, Hua O. Wang
    Fuzzy Logic in Embedded Microcomputers and Control Systems - Walter Banks
    Fuzzy Sets And Fuzzy Information Granulation Theory - lotfi Zadeh
    Fuzzy Sets And Systems Theory And Applications - Didier Dubois , Henri Prade
    Neuro-Fuzzy and Soft Computing A Computational Approach to Learning and Machine Intelligence - Jyh-Shing Roger Jang
    Simulating Continuous Fuzzy Systems - James J. Buckley

    General :
    Advances in Applied Artificial Intelligence - John Fulcher
    Advances in Artificial Intelligence пїЅ SBIA 2004 - Ana L.C. Bazzan , Sofiane Labidi
    Agent-Oriented Programming - From Prolog to Guarded Definite Clauses - Matthew M. Huntbach
    Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach - Stuart J. Russell , Peter Norvig
    Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Behavioral and Cognitive Modeling of the Human Brain - Konar Amit
    ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Understanding the Promise of the Future - Derek Partridge
    Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations - Bramer Max
    Artificial Intelligence Strategies, Applications, and Models Through Search 2d ed - Christopher Thornton
    Artificial Intelligence Through Prolog - Neil C Rowe
    Artificial Intelligence Today Recent Trends and Development - Manuela Veloso
    Artificial Intelligence, Structures And Strategies For Complex Problem Solving 3rd ed - George F Luger
    Computational Intelligence An Introduction - Andries P. Engelbrecht
    Computational Intelligence For Decision Support - Chen
    Computational Intelligence In Control - Masoud Mohammadian
    Computational Intelligence in Manufacturing Handbook - Jun Wang
    COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICSModels, Resources, Applications - Igor A. Bolshakov , Alexander Gelbukh
    Computational Web Intelligence Intelligent Technology for Web Applications - Y.-Q. Zhang
    Data Mining with Computational Intelligence - Lipo Wang , Xiuju Fu
    Essentials of Programming Languages 2d ed - Daniel P. FriedmanMitchell WandChristopher T. Haynes
    Intelligent Information Integration for the Semantic Web - Ubbo Visser
    Methods And Applications Of Artificial Intelligence - Themistoklis Panayiotopoulos
    Multiagent systems a modern approach to distributed artificial intelligence - Gerhard Weiss
    Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java - Mark Watson
    The Elements of Artificial Intelligence Using Lisp - Steven L. Tanimoto
    The International Dictionary Of Artificial Intelligence - William Raynor

    Intelligent Systems :
    Hybrid architectures for intelligent systems - Lotfi A. Zadeh
    Intelligent Communication Systems - Nobuyoshi Terashima
    Intelligent Systems for Engineers and Scientists 2d ed - Adrian A. Hopgood
    Intelligent Systems Fusion, Tracking, and Control - GeeWah Ng

    Knowledge representation :
    Knowledge representation reasoning and declarative problem solving with Answer sets - Chitta Baral

    Knowledge-based systems :
    Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems for Engineers - Krishnamoorthy , S. Rajeev
    Building Expert Systems in Prolog - Dennis Merritt
    Fuzzy Expert Systems and Fuzzy Reasoning - William Siler
    The handbook of applied expert systems - Jay Liebowitz

    Machine learning :
    An Introduction to Support Vector Machines and Other Kernel-based Learning Methods - Nello Cristianini , John Shawe
    Data Mining Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques 2d ed - Morgan Kaufmann
    Introduction to Machine Learning - Nils J Nilsson
    Machine Learning - Tom Mitchell
    Machine Learning And Its Applications - Georgios Paliouras
    Machine Learning in Computer Vision - N. SEBE
    Machine Learning, Game Play, and Go - David Stoutamire
    Machine Learning, Neural And Statistical Classification - Michie , Spiegelhalter , Taylor
    Reinforcement Learning An Introduction - Richard S. Sutton , Andrew G. Barto
    Statistical Machine Learning For Information Retrieval - Adam Berger

    Pattern recognition :
    An Introduction to Pattern Recognition - Michael Alder
    Evolutionary Synthesis of Pattern Recognition Systems - Bir Bhanu
    Introduction to Statistical Pattern Recognition 2nd Ed - Keinosuke Fukunaga
    Particle Swarm Optimization Methods for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing - Mahamed G. H. Omran
    Pattern recognition and image preprocessing 2nd ed -Sing T. Bow
    Pattern Recognition in Speech and Language Processing - WU CHOU
    Pattern Recognition with Neural Networks in C++ - Abhijit S. Pandya, Robert B. Macy
    Statistical Pattern Recognition 2nd Ed - Andrew R. Webb

    natural language processing :
    Formal Syntax and Semantics of Programming Languages - Kenneth Slonneger
    Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing - Christopher D. Manning
    Natural Language Processing for Online Applications Text Retrieval,Extraction and Categorization - Peter Jackson , Isabelle Moulinier
    Ontological Semantics - Sergei Nirenburg , Victor Raskin
    Speech and Language Processing An Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics and Speech Recognition - D

    Neural networks :
    An Introduction to Neural Networks - Patrick van der Smagt
    Analysis And Applications Of Artificial Neural Networks - LPG Veelenturf
    Artificial Neural Networks - Colin Fyfe
    Artificial Neural Networks in Real-life Applications - Juan R. Rabunal
    C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic - Valluru B. Rao
    Foundations of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, and Knowledge Engineering - Nikola Kazabov
    Fusion of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and Genetic Algorithms Industrial Applications - Lakhmi C. Jain , N.M. Martin
    Kalman Filtering and Neural Networks - Simon Haykin
    Machine Learning, Neural And Statistical Classification - Cc Taylor
    Methods and Procedures for the Verification and Validation of Artificial Neural Networks - Brian J. Taylor
    Neural Networks - A Comprehensive Foundation - Simon Haykin
    Neural Networks Algorithms, Applications,and Programming Techniques - James A. Freeman
    Programming Neural Networks in Java - JeffHeaton
    Recurrent Neural Networks Design And Applications - L.R. Medsker
    Static and Dynamic Neural Networks From Fundamentals to Advanced Theory - Madan M. Gupta, Liang Jin, Noriyasu Homma
    The Handbook Of Brain Theory And Neural Networks 2Nd Ed - Michael A Arbib

    Soft Computing :
    Foundations Of Soft Case-based Reasoning - SANKAR K. PAL
    Intelligent Control Systems Using Soft Computing Methodologies - Ali Zilouchian
    Learning And Soft Computing - Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks, And Fuzzy Logic Models - Vojislav Kecman

    Swarm Intelligence :
    Swarm intelligence - James Kennedy

    Lisp :

    A Practical Theory of Programming - Eric C.R. Hehner
    An Introduction To Programming In Emacs Lisp, 2Nd Ed - Robert J. Chassell
    Basic Lisp Techniques - David J. Cooper
    Common Lisp - A Gentle Introduction To Symbolic Computation - David S. Touretzky
    Common Lisp - An Interactive Approach - STUART C. SHAPIRO
    Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition - Guy L. Steele
    How to Design Programs An Introduction to Computing and Programming - Matthias Felleisen
    lisp book - Gary D. Knott
    On LISP Advanced Techniques for Common LISP - Paul Graham
    Practical Common Lisp - Peter Seibel
    Successful Lisp How to Understand and Use Common Lisp - David B. Lamkins
    Writing GNU Emacs Extensions - Bob Glickstein

    Scheme :
    An Introduction to Scheme and its Implementation
    Concrete Abstractions An Introduction to Computer Science Using Scheme - Max Hailperin, Barbara Kaiser, and Karl Knight
    Programming In Scheme - Eisenberg , Abelson
    Simply Scheme Introducing Computer Science 2d ed - Brian Harvey , Matthew Wright
    Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days - Dorai Sitaram
    The Scheme Programming Language 3rd ed - Kent Dybvig

    Prolog :
    Adventure in Prolog - Amzi
    Learn Prolog Now! - Patrick Blackburn, Johan Bos , Kristina Striegnitz
    Logic, Programming and Prolog 2d ed - Ulf Nilsson , Jan Maluszynski
    Prolog and Natural Language Analysis - Fernando C. N. Pereira , Stuart M. Shieber
    Prolog Programming A First Course - Paul Brna
    The Art of Prolog 2nd Ed - Leon Sterling , Ehud Shapiro



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