All Dragonball Episodes(1-153) xxxxxxxx|MP4|[RS]

Discussion in 'Archive' started by maulin2good, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. maulin2good

    maulin2good Guest

    Dragon Ball Z Season 1 - 9 REMASTERED 47MB



  2. gridiron_16

    gridiron_16 Guest

    thanks very much
  3. exyss

    exyss Guest

    WOW! thanks for the great share!
  4. Solarwind

    Solarwind Guest

    hahahaha.. it is getting better! :heyo:
  5. Don-Ahmed

    Don-Ahmed Guest

    is this sub or dub?
  6. Solarwind

    Solarwind Guest

    i watched the very first one and it is in english. :triniti:
  7. maulin2good

    maulin2good Guest

    No problem~~~!!!!
  8. BoilingPoint

    BoilingPoint Guest


    DivX4 (libcodec.dll)
    368x268 - 381kbps

    Audio English - AAC2-libfaad2.dll

    Not the highest quality, but perfictly watchible and PS3 compatible.

    Hope that is of use to someone.
  9. xzanium

    xzanium Guest

    thanks for the links
  10. maulin2good

    maulin2good Guest

  11. ryumahon

    ryumahon Guest

    i have completed downloading this.. but there is 2 files lacking... episode 150 and 152... can you please check it???

    thanks alot for this one!! i really enjoyed it!!!

    i wonder after this episodes which is the continuation of this dragon ball series?? coz there is alot of dbz out there... i want to watch it continously...

  12. maulin2good

    maulin2good Guest

    I ll reupload it!~
  13. xzanium

    xzanium Guest

    dragonball z
    dragonball gt

    thats the order
    there are films aswell but they dont tend to fit in with the time line of the series
  14. ryumahon

    ryumahon Guest

    thanks xzanium for the reply... now i can follow the series...

    hope series 150 and 152 will be xxxxxxxx soon.. im done watching 149 already... i dont want to skip 150 and proceed to 151... i got hooked with db!!! its nice!! so ashamed of myself why i wasnt able to watch this during my childhood days.. hehehehe!!
  15. ryumahon

    ryumahon Guest

    still no news with epi 150 and 152?? please reupload it...

  16. Cirilus

    Cirilus Guest

    thanks. more power:heyo:

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