ALT Linux 6.0.1 KDesktop

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    ALT Linux 6.0.1 KDesktop | 8.68 GB

    ALT Linux 6.0.1 KDesktop - Adjustment release distribution with custom graphical user interface based on KDE. The conclusion for the professional work: the Internet, with documents with complex graphics and animation for video and audio processing, software development and education.

    Everything you need can be found on the disk and can choose to install. If, however, and this will be enough, then your service repository "Sixth platform" with over 10,000 source packages and the only easy means of installation and configuration.
    ALT Linux 6.0 KDesktop includes an application for the rest: you can play yourself and the children, watch movies and listen to music, chat with friends in social networks, forums and chat rooms.
    ALT Linux 6.0 KDesktop meet you familiar user-friendly design "out of the box." You will discover its rich gradually, it is easy to customize to your liking for hard work, and entertainment.
    The distribution comes in the form of so-called hybrid images, suitable for recording on DVD-like discs, and the USB-flash drives. In Microsoft Windows, you can use a special assembly tools DiskImage.

    Some innovations have been added compared to the previous release:
    Kernel 3.0.24
    Firefox 10
    The driver nvidia-295.20
    corrected in the fall and hang kde4-digikam from third-party libraries
    install kde4-kfilebox (to support Dropbox) by default
    add the host name in / etc / hosts by default
    setting a cookie on the touch panel default
    viafb kernel module blacklisted
    Fixed several bugs in libreoffice-kde
    phonon-gstreamer by default
    Fixed font smoothing in the installer and livecd
    corrections to the power management settings when installing
    added inclusion of utility settings to reduce the consumption of system resources

    Hardware Requirements:
    For installation and operation of 384 Mb of memory is enough.

    For convenient operation should be the minimum 512 Mb RAM.
    Recommended for at least 768 Mb of memory for a comfortable work with major applications, as well as graphics cards with 3D-accelerated NVidia, Intel (except i8xx, Poulsbo), AMD / ATI (except Riva)

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