Altium Designer 10 Update 17 build 10.972

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    Altium Designer 10 Update 17 build 10.972 | 3.12 Gb

    The industry’s only unified electronic design software gives you an unmatched ability to design and build the next generation of electronic products.

    About Altium Limited

    Altium Limited is an Australian based software company that provides PC-based electronics design software for engineers. Founded in 1985, Altium has headquarters in Sydney and sales offices in the United States, Europe, Japan, China, and resellers in all other major markets. The company was known as "Protel" until 2001.


    At the heart of Altium Designer 10 are new engineering content management capabilities, including an Enterprise Vault Server, aimed at unifying design-related data in a secure location. Given the complexity of today's electronics design, enterprise vaulting capabilities are essential to accommodate the needs of dispersed design teams, to facilitate multi-domain collaboration and to ensure reusable assets, according to Bob Potock, Altium's director of Americas marketing. In addition, as products become smaller and the clearances get tighter, there is less margin for error, hence the need for a central platform to secure IP and to facilitate collaboration.

    Altium Designer 10 debuts a variety of new technologies to address these issues. The new releases supports a unified data model so a variety of design data can be captured and stored in a central location, from schematics to PCB layouts and embedded software development data. Altium Designer 10 also ushers in what it dubs a "next-generation" Component Management System, a framework that manages components at the engineering level, in the design and across release domains. The framework extends existing models of storing and managing ECAD component data to capture business intelligence along with where-used capabilities for tracking where exactly components are used across any design or release document. Altium Designer 10 also includes a new live supplier-linking system to provide real-time updates to pricing and availability information so designers can keep up with component changes.

    Altium Designer 10 Update 17 (Platform Build 10.972.23595) – March 21, 2012
    Key highlights

    - Via Stitching
    Of particular importance for RF and High Speed designs, the brand new Via Stitching feature applies a definable pattern of vias between layers where the copper areas overlap and share the same net. It helps maintain low impedance connections and short return loops through the board structure for developing high-performance, electromagnetically 'quiet' PCBs.
    Via Stitching runs as a post-process using an algorithm that identifies all Fills, Polygons and Power Planes attached to a specified net, then populates free areas of copper with stitching vias to connect the layers using the specified via and stitching pattern. See the Wiki page for more information or watch the video on this new feature.
    - Schematic text overlay rendering
    Text container frames placed on the Schematic have been improved to display and print as the uppermost level, regardless of any electrical drawing
    primitives that the frame overlays.
    - Improvements to Ansoft Exporter
    In update 16 we released improvements to this exporter to make it easier to import and simulate in Ansoft products. With this latest update, we’ve
    continued development and reduced the number of errors generated once imported into Ansoft (object centreline connection issues, and reducing
    differences between metric and imperial exports). Also, a larger array of component values are now imported, making it easier to set up the board for
    - Improvements to software update patching system
    The Altium Designer software patching system has been further enhanced to make the software update process less disruptive. Amongst a range of
    improvements, the patch preparation process has been configured to run during the update download at a low background priority, allowing Altium
    Designer to continue being used with minimal interruption. The update process now also provides the option to select whether you want to update using
    patches or a full download. This improvement will help those users who experience a lengthy update process due to anti-virus programs, where using the full download becomes a much faster process. Note: These improvements will only be visible with the next update to Altium Designer.

    - System Components: Altium Designer Base
    5529 Fixed bugs in loading and saving preferences.
    5561 Updated logic for detecting violations for floating net labels, power objects and wires.
    - System Components: Altium Designer Installation System
    5830 The patching system has been moved into the Altium Downloader to run in the background. Note: This improvement will only be visible with the next update to Altium Designer.
    6012 Included an option when installing an update to use patches or a full download. Note: This option will only be visible for future updates.
    - System Components: PCB System
    5528 Via stitching has been added. Refer to Altium Wiki for more information.
    - System Components: Schematic System
    5686 Fixed slow drawing of schematics containing blankets with dashed linestyle.
    5886 Junctions no longer display on top of text frames and notes.
    5938 Fixed crash when compiling OpenBus documents.
    - Importers and Exporters: Exporter - Ansoft
    5023 The Ansoft exporter has been improved to reduce differences in errors and warnings between metric and imperial exported files.
    5024 The Ansoft exporter has been improved to reduce the number of warnings given when trace enpoints and pad centres are misaligned.
    5027 The Ansoft exporter now includes RLC component values in a format that imports into SIwave.
    - Importers and Exporters: Importer - PADS
    5928 Importing from Pads Logic libraries now imports arcs correctly.
    - Output Generators: Output - Gerber
    5911 Offset pads are now rendered correctly when mirror is used in PCB Print / Gerber outputs generation.
    - Output Generators: Printer - PCB
    5911 Offset pads are now rendered correctly when mirror is used in PCB Print / Gerber outputs generation.

    Name: Altium Designer 10
    Version: Update 17 build 10.972.23595 32bit
    Creator: Altium - Next generation electronics design
    Interface: english, russian
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
    Size: 2.4 Gb


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