America Exposed (1990)

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    Rating: 5.3
    Runtime: 101
    Language: English (Hardcoded subtitles (i think some of the scandinavian)
    Country: USA
    Color: Yes

    Description: Pornstars entertaining war veterans at Vegas, gun conventions,
    war games and firepower shows, the cremation of Satan Claus, mating animals, sorority house atrocities,
    redneck fights, ninjitsu training,elderly citizens fighting muggers, drugs, sleazy entertainment,
    cops VS street gangs, limousine escort services, bank robberies, custom lethal weapons, sex in public,
    big city morgues, Nazi & white power organizations! This catalogue of sleaze should not be missed!

    Rar Password: WeAreB0rg

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    Thanks! :yahoo:
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    thank you.
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    I'm American,,I only see americans act like this on TV though,.America is a great country full of good things dispite its bad things,,,anyway thx for the doc,,

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