American Pit Bull: Killer Canine or Family Friend DvD Xvid

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    Explore the evolution of the breed that started as beloved dogs to people such as Helen Keller and as the Little Rascals' famous dog, to the stereotypes associated with the breed. Includes footage of dog fighting, protection training, and more.



    Enjoy Guys!!
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    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    thank you keep up the good work
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    thanks man i had an american pitbull an he never bit or attacked any one. its all in the way on how you bring them up from a pup an how you treat them.
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    Thank you
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    thanks man i have a pitbull that looks the same size as the one in the pic but black and white 7 years now still attacked noone and everyone loves him
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    thanks scary dogs :triniti:
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