American Yakuza (1993)

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    Rating: 5.6/10
    Runtime: 96
    Language: English
    Country: USA
    Color: Color

    Director: Frank A. Cappello
    Viggo Mortensen ... Nick Davis / David Brandt
    Ryo Ishibashi ... Shuji Sawamoto
    Michael Nouri ... Dino Campanela
    Franklyn Ajaye ... Sam
    Yuji Okumoto ... Kazuo
    Cristina Lawson ... Yuko
    Robert Forster ... Littman
    John Fujioka ... Isshin Tendo
    Nicky Katt ... Vic

    Description: In America, they call it the Mafia... In Japan they call it Yakuza. When they meet they call it war!

    An undercover agent is the first American to be accepted into the savage brotherhood of Yakuza. But he is soon caught dead center in a war between the Yakuza, the mob, and the FBI, and must decide what's more important: his old loyalties - or his new bond of blood.

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