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    Andrey Lappa - Dance of Shiva
    DVD5 | English | VIDEO_TS | 720 x 480 | MPEG2 ~1911 Kbps | 29.970 fps
    AC-3 | 192 kbps | 48.0 KHz | 2 channel | ~5 hours | 4.33 GB
    Genre: Video Training / Yoga, Relaxation, Meditation​

    Dance of Shiva as a system of conscious liberation. It is an ancient yogic art which uses synchronized movements of arms and legs to create powerful flows of life energy. As the movements become increasingly complex, the practitioner is challenged to develop increasing conscious control of these energy flows, with beneficial physical, mental and spiritual results. Andrey has created a uniquely modern method of teaching this ancient practice.

    At the core of Dance of Shiva is a belief in the underlying unity of the internal mind and body with the external, surrounding universe. As we move our bodies in physical space, our brains form new neural connections in response to the increasingly complexity movement patterns while our power of attention intensifies. We thus become more adaptable and more capable of focussed awareness in our daily lives.

    Dance of Shiva builds up these connections to surrounding space from just eight basic positions of each arm and five basic positions of each leg. The first two levels of the system are designed to teach these basic positions the language, so to speak, of Dance of Shiva. Subsequent levels of practice combine these basic positions and movements with ever-increasing complexity.

    This DVD includes a complete lecture presentation on the theory of Dance of Shiva and a thorough explanation of each level of practice. The practice section of the DVD features the first three levels of practice with options to loop and repeat specific steps.

    Dedicated practice of Dance of Shiva, whether by itself or in conjunction with other disciplines, such as yoga, martial arts, dance and meditation, will enhance well-being and serve as a powerful tool for personal growth.

    Highlights from this DVD include:
    3 1/2 hours of practice material shot at beautiful Tengboche Monastery in the stunning high Himalayas of Nepal.

    Over 60 minutes of in-depth lectures explaining the history, theory and practice of Dance of Shiva, including detailed explanations of the first three levels.

    Detailed menus allow precise navigation through the combined 4 1/2 hours of practice and lecture material. Each of the intermediate steps of each practice level can be looped individually for focused practice.


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