Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 for Vmware 7/8 (will work on MAC or PC in virtual envi

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    Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 for Vmware 7/8 (will work on MAC or PC in virtual environment) | 809 MB

    This is the result of hard work from the guys at Android X86 building Live CDs and VM ports for PC and Laptops/ see their website and google groups for help Its not my work but I did customising and get some bits working. I thought I share my build to save some time.

    Known bugs in the build.. it times out in 30min and
    you cant unlock the phone (you slide the lock on screen)
    you will have to power of the vmware and reboot if happens
    also rebooting it comes in portrait.. and the mouse is
    reversed also.. makes it a tricky beast.. but move
    up to the rotation locker app and click it and get
    to click LANDSCAPE will fix it in place until
    you reboot or some app somehow undoes it again. it can be fun!
    they are minor issues though
    You can experience the full Android 4.0 as if its a real
    phone without the sensors and 3G of course
    and Wifi but it has a special LAN ethernet built
    in which works in Bridge mode or NAT mode

    so what works SOUND, VIDEO and Internet and PEER TO
    PEER Tool like AndSMB

    Has some games pre installed some apps dont work
    as use ARM direct accessing and this OS kernel
    is x86! inTel CPU

    Also no google market but theres an alternative
    plus you can google and download any direct APKs
    and install them via file manager

    I use AndSMB to connect to my NAS system and laptops
    windows shares where I stored my backup of apps.

    it flies on a i7 PC :)

    How to get it to work

    1) first you need to source VMWARE 7.14 or VMware 8.04
    workstation (search p2p for it)

    2) Unrar the contents to any drive

    3) start vmware and drag the file inside the Android X folder
    ending in .VMZ to the favourites side bar and it will
    simply add it

    4) now edit the settings and disable the ISO for cdrom
    i didnt include it as its already installed on this
    hard drive image

    5) then just click PLAY and enjoy Android and the
    apps on it

    its ROOTED (super usered) also so be careful use snapshots in vmware
    if playing with mods.



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