Angels and Demons / 2009 / R5.LiNE.DEViSE / 400MB

Discussion in 'Archive' started by george101, Jun 20, 2009.

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  2. cyberstud87

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    hey george....thank you for this....and also for providing filerack....but could you posibly upload this in smaller size...????
    say like around 300mb???have shortage of bandwidth and wanna see this just asking....nyways, really good share!!
  3. george101

    george101 Guest

    the movie is more than 2 hours long. if its encoded in 300Mb it will be very pixelated and will be unwatchable (30mins~100Mb)
  4. bkv

    bkv Guest

    yeah but many would say the same about a 400mb film. i usually go for 300-350mb regardless of length, i'm getting this from the rs links in the other thread simply because 400 is only a tad over 350 and i've been through a few different mislabelled TS rips over the last few weeks.
  5. bishopsark

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    thanks a lot buddy
  6. mradel

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    thxxxxxxx man
  7. george101

    george101 Guest

    welcome guys :)

    HF mirror added
  8. goda10

    goda10 Guest

    thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx george101 and waiting knowing
  9. 666

    666 Guest

    thx george, i appreciate. honestly, i like for downloading.
  10. lakir62

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    Hvala !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. monazirus

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    thx buddy fr hotfile and file rack
  12. lolonilola

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    wrong password?
  13. george101

    george101 Guest

    noway, type the password instead of copy-paste

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