NitroFlare ApexSQL Universal Ultimate SQL Bundle.2015.11.05

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    ApexSQL Universal Ultimate SQL Bundle 2015.11.05 | 226.23 MB

    The ultimate SQL tool bundle. When you need it all. Unrivaled power, features, versatility, and savings in a single bundle. All 18 ApexSQL tools, A combined 80% savings, Product support for free tools. All new products added for free.

    Set of SQL tools including:

    01. ApexSQL Audit
    Fault tolerant auditing, centralized storage, and reporting

    02. ApexSQL Log
    Audit, undo, or replay SQL database changes

    03. ApexSQL Manage
    Manage and automate backup jobs while preserving the backup chain

    04. ApexSQL Monitor
    Monitor and view system performance metrics

    05. ApexSQL Recover
    Recover deleted, dropped, corrupted or lost data

    06. ApexSQL Restore
    Work with backups just like with live databases

    07. ApexSQL Build
    Build, update and deploy SQL databases

    08. ApexSQL Clean
    Analyse dependencies and remove unused objects

    09. ApexSQL Complete
    Auto-complete and coding productivity features

    10. ApexSQL Data Diff Pro
    Compare and synchronize SQL database data

    11. ApexSQL Diff Pro
    Compare and synchronize SQL database objects

    12. ApexSQL Doc Pro
    Document SQL instances, databases and SSIS packages

    13. ApexSQL Generate
    SQL Server data generator with advanced features

    14. ApexSQL Refactor
    Format and refactor SQL code

    15. ApexSQL Script Pro
    Script and package SQL databases

    16. ApexSQL Search
    Search SQL objects and data and visualize dependencies

    17. ApexSQL Source Control
    Database version control integration

    18. ApexSQL Trigger
    Track data changes to SQL databases

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