Après la Vie (2002) Ornella Muti

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    Rating: 7.1/10
    Runtime: 120
    Language: French (English softsubs)
    Country: France/Belgium
    Color: color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Lucas Belvaux
    Dominique Blanc
    Gilbert Melki
    Ornella Muti
    Catherine Frot
    François Morel
    Valérie Mairesse
    Patrick Descamps
    Bernard Mazzinghi
    Alexis Tomassian
    Lucas Belvaux

    Description: Lucas Belvaux´ „La trilogie“ is a unique cinematic experiment, presenting three interlocking films covering three different genres. Like in everyday life the lifelines and stories of a group of people cross and influence each other without always really touching each other. No one but the viewer (in the end!) gets the full picture. Secondary characters in one film become the primary ones in the next one. Each film presents the limited perspective of its protagonists as well as following the rules of a particular cinematic genre (comedy, thriller, melodrama). Events presented in one film can turn out to mean something completely different, once you´ve seen the other side (e. g. in the first film there is scene played out in front of an apartment door with this film´s main protagonist drawing conclusions from sounds heard from inside, only in the third film we see what´s really happening inside).

    Each film can be viewed as a standalone story, the films can be viewed in random order , although most European theaters followed this order (which is in compliance with the numbering of the DVD box):
    1) Un Couple Epatant
    2) Cavale
    3) Après la Vie

    All three films are available at Surreal Moviez. The best thing would be to watch all of them in one session (about 5 1/2 hours!) without reading any of the synopsises.

    Aprés la vie is the drama. It doesn't function as a climax so much as a re-refocusing on Agnès (the third teacher) and Pascal, revisiting earlier scenes (including a pivotal vacation cabin face-off that happens the same way three times, but signifies differently each time) and suggesting that this couple's tortured symbiosis is the films' authentic tragedy. Their secret is that Pascal has been acquiring morphine for his wife's addiction. Now, though, his supplier has withheld the drug unless Pascal helps him find an escaped convict with a grudge. Meanwhile, Agnès's friend Cécile has asked for his help in finding out why her husband is acting peculiar. Agnès, meanwhile, is not coping with withdrawal well at all, and the strain coming from all three directions is starting to wear on Pascal.

    DVDrip, XVID, 1,17 GB, 656 x 336, Video 170 KBit/s, Audio 192 KBit/s

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