Argent de poche, L' (1976)

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    Rating: 7.5/10
    Runtime: 104 min
    Language: French
    Country: France
    Color: Color
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    Nicole Félix ... Grégory's mother (as Nicole Felix)
    Chantal Mercier ... Chantal Petit, the Schoolteacher
    Jean-François Stévenin ... Jean-François Richet, the Schoolteacher (as Jean-François Stevenin)
    Virginie Thévenet ... Lydie Richet (as Virginie Thevenet)
    Tania Torrens ... Nadine Riffle, hairdresser
    René Barnerias ... Monsieur Desmouceaux, Patrick's father
    Katy Carayon ... Sylvie's Mother
    Jean-Marie Carayon ... Police inspector, Sylvie's father
    Annie Chevaldonne ... Nurse
    Francis Devlaeminck ... Monsieur Riffle, hairdresser, Laurent's father
    Michel Dissart ... Monsieur Lomay, constable
    Michele Heyraud ... Madame Deluca
    Paul Heyraud ... Monsieur Deluca
    Jeanne Lobre ... Julien's grandmother (as Jane Lobre)
    Vincent Touly ... Concierge

    Description: In the town of Thiers, summer of 1976, teachers and parents give their children skills, love, and attention. A teacher has his first child, a single mother hopes to meet Mr. Right, another mom reaches out to Patrick, a motherless lad who is just discovering the opposite sex. Patrick befriends Julien, a new student who lives in poverty with his mother and has a terrible secret. Bruno shows his friends how to chat up girls. Sylvie stages a witty protest against her parents. Brothers give a friend a haircut. A toddler falls from a window and is unhurt. Everybody goes to the cinema. At camp, Martine catches Patrick's eye. A teacher explains: "Life is hard, but it's wonderful."

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