Arrivederci amore* ciao (2006)

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    Rating: 7.1/10
    Runtime: 107 minutes
    Language: Italian
    Country: Italy / France
    Color: Yes

    Description: Giorgio Pellegrini* a former left-wing activist turned terrorist has fled to Central America and fought with a guerrilla movement. Fifteen years later he is fed up with living in the jungle and decides to return to Italy. What he wants is to lead a comfortable bourgeois life in his native country. Thanks to Anedda* a corrupt police inspector* and after giving away former comrades* he obtains a reduced jail sentence. Once released from prison he obsessively pursues his dream of becoming a "respectable" citizen* even if the way to it is paved with larceny* pimping* drug-dealing* rape* heist and murder...

    Rar Password: r0x

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