Artbeats- Liquid Ambience (PAL)

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    Artbeats- Liquid Ambience (PAL)
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    At 1000 frames per second water looks like nectar and even the smallest of ripples
    takes on a magical quality. These liquid backgrounds will mesmerize you and add real production
    value to any project. Includes macro shots with a variety of caustics, reflections, refractions,
    lighting and more.
    Hearing the sounds of water can be very soothing, and you'll find that these clips of watery surface
    visuals will evoke those same hypnotic effects! We've captured liquid surfaces from directly overhead
    in a wide range of color, with deep jewel tones, looks of molten metal, and dark pools reflecting a
    hint of suggested moonlight. Rippling surfaces play with the light and are quite mesmerizing.

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