As Bodas de Deus (1999)

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    Rating: 6.7/10
    Runtime: 150 min
    Language: French | Portuguese
    Country: France | Portugal
    Color: Yes

    Description: All seems lost. And then, in an old, lonely and icy park, two shadowy figures meet: those of Deus and a Messenger. God's Messenger gives the hoodlum (the tempory state of the poor João de Deus) a case stuffed with money. He then leaves, his mission accomplished. João counts the bank notes. The silent waters of a nearby lake are disturbed when a heavy object plunges in. João goes to see what is happening. A young girl (Joana) is drowning. João throws himself into the water and carries the unconscious Joana off to a convent (Capucines?). How responsible! João de Deus returns to the park to recover the case and its precious contents; happily, nothing has been touched...and thus continue the adventures of João de Deus.

    to be joined with hjsplit.
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    english and french subtitles in the file below:
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