Ashes of Immortality 2 Bad Blood v1.0-TE

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    Ashes of Immortality 2 Bad Blood v1.0-TE
    Year: 2012 | PC | English | Developer/Publisher: Warfare Studios | 182 MB
    Genre: Role Playing/Strategy

    I told her not to get involved. I just want to go on record as saying, this is not my fault. I warned her getting involved would be bad. She never listens to me. My name is Orlok Vladimir Dragonov, son of Konstantin Dragonov. I was born in the town of Stoker some 230 years ago. When I was 23, I was to be wed to my best friend, Elizabeth Crane. What I didnt know was that Elizabeths sister had been turned into a vampire four years earlier. On the day of my wedding, my sister-in-law, determined to keep her sister single out of some stupid selfishness, killed and turned me. And thats my story. Kind of a downer, I guess.

    Two years ago, a hunter named Simona Rinoldt freed me from a decade of captivity, imprisonment I have her father to thank for. We may have saved the world, I dont know. Now were here, in the Hinterlands, the land of Landis, the land of werewolves. Id kill every human I see just for a rolled up newspaper and a poop scoop. Actually, Id kill every human I see just for giggles, but then Im a man of simple pleasures.I kept telling her to stay out of other peoples business. It doesnt concern us. She never listens. And this is what we get for helping people. Its never just helping. Its always something more. Whats the worst that could happen, she said. Ill try to remember those words when they execute us for regicide.


    * Beautifuly composed soundtrack!
    * Compelling yet humorous storyline!
    * Many Side-Quests to complete!
    * Hidden Bosses!
    * Hidden Items!
    * Special Skiils!


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