Ashes of Time (1994)

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    Ou-yang Feng (Leslie Cheung) lives in the middle of a desert* where he acts as a middle man to various swordsmen in ancient China. One of those swordsmen is Huang Yao-shi (Tony Leung)* who has found some magic wine that causes one to forget the past. At another time* Huang met Mu-rong Yin (Brigette Lin) and under the influence of drink* promised to marry Mu-rong's sister Mu-rong Yang. Huang jilts her* and Mu-rong Yin hires Ou-yang to kill Huang. But then Mu-rong Yang hires Ou-yang to protect Huang. This is awkward* because Mu-rong Yang and Mu-rong Yin are in reality the same person. Other unrelated plot lines careen about. Among them is Ou-yang's continuing efforts to destroy a band of horse thieves. Oy-yang recruits another swordsman (Tony Leung* but the other one)* a man who is going blind and wants to get home to see his wife before his sight goes completely. The swordsman is killed. Ou-yang then meets another swordsman (Jackie Cheung) who doesn't like wearing shoes. Oy-yang sends this man after the horse thieves* with better results. We then find out what a man must give up to follow the martial path.

    Dung che sai duk / Ashes of Time (1994)
    Cantonese (+ BR* CZ* EN* ES* FR* IT* PL* SR subtitles) | DVDRip | 1:39:30 | DivX5* 846 Kbps* 23.976 fps* 528*288 (16:9) | MP3* 137 Kbps* 48000 Hz* stereo | 700 MB
    Genre: Melodrama* Drama* Action
    English subtitles are included.


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