Assassin's Creed II : Lineage / 2009 / HD Short Film / MP4 / 200MB

Discussion in 'Archive' started by george101, Oct 28, 2009.

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    Assassin's Creed II : Lineage [2009] HD (Short Film) 200MB



    Format        Mp4
    Resolution    1280x720
    Size          209Mb



    Took 160 Minutes to Upload
    Took 3 Minutes to Scan
    Took 9 Minutes to Create Topic/Screens
    Takes 6 Seconds to say "Thank You", or 4 seconds to say "Whoooo"

  2. shav123321

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    thanks for long does it go for?
  3. george101

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    around 15 minutes

    This is part one of the Assassin's Creed Lineage short movie, more to come soon.
  4. rapidshare links plz
  5. intel

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    thank you
  6. intel

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  7. 1169

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    Rs links plz
  8. Star_Man

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    please put rapidshare link
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    rapidshare link please l know l know what it says up top but this would be a blessing for this game is soooo cool please
  13. lastsamurai

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    thax man...reckon zinda bad
  14. busacay

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    It takes 10 seconds to say
    "Please use Rapidshare"
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    kool...thanx for the share
  16. shadowexile

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    thanks for this release..

    how many short films are there in the assassins creed series?

    & how long do you estimate until the rest are xxxxxxxx & posted??

    if you could PM me when they're posted, or as they're posted.. it would be much appreciated.

  17. ando432

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    thanks if only RS.
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    much thnx d game and the characters......
    will try the movie 2
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