At the Height of Summer (2000)

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    Director: Anh Hung Tran
    Genre: Drama
    English Title: At the Height of Summer
    French Title: A la Verticale de l'été
    Country: Vietnam France Germany
    Duration: 112 min
    Dub: Vietnamese
    Sub: English

    With the brilliant Vietnamese summer as a setting Vertical Ray of the Sun is beautiful from beginning to end. The plot centres around three sisters, two of whom are happily married (or so it appears). The youngest sister is single and living with her cute older brother, whom she is desperately in love with. A second sister is married to a man who has another woman and child elsewhere whom he loves just as much as his wife -with a few conditions, she agrees to carry on with the marriage. The third sister and her husband are overjoyed to discover she is pregnant, and though he is tempted, her husband remains loyal to her. Charming, slow-paced, face value, family saga film.

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