Attack of the Super Monsters (1982)

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    Rating: 6.4
    Runtime: 83
    Language: English dub.
    Country: Japan
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Toru Sotoyama
    Tom Wyner ... Narrator (voice) (as Tom Weiner)
    Dan Woren ... Capt. Jim Starbuck / Ashtoreth (voice)
    Robin Levenson ... Lt. Gem Starbuck (voice) (as Robin Beth Levenson)
    Cam Clarke ... Lt. Wallace 'Wally' Singer (voice) (as Cam Clark)
    Mike Reynolds ... Emperor Tyrannus / Styracosaurus (voice) (as Michael Reynolds)

    Description: 70 millions years ago, the creatures known as dinosaurs mysteriously disappeared from planet Earth. Until now, it was assumed they were extinct. In reality, they had burrowed deep into the Earth and evolved into supermonsters. In the year 2000, the people from planet Earth were amazed and terrified by the greatest catastrophe ever known to mankind: the re-appearance of the dinosaurs. Under the direction of their emperor, Tyrannus, the creatures now seek to destroy mankind.

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    what a find, kartal21. I'm always finding rare gems here!
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    Thanks very much.

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