Audition (1999)

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    A lonely Japanese widower whose son is planning to move out of the house soon expresses his sadness to a friend and fellow film producer, who becomes inspired to hold an audition for a non-existent film so that the widower can select a new potential bride from the resulting audition pool. The widower ultimately becomes enamored with and fascinated by one particular young woman...but first impressions can often be horribly wrong....

    User Rating: 7.4/10 (9,471 votes)

    Takashi Miike

    Ryo Ishibashi ... Shigeharu Aoyama
    Eihi Shiina ... Asami Yamazaki
    Tetsu Sawaki ... Shigehiko Aoyama
    Jun Kunimura ... Yasuhisa Yoshikawa
    Renji Ishibashi ... Old man in wheelchair

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