NitroFlare AutoCAD for Mac 2016 New Features

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    AutoCAD for Mac 2016 New Features
    Video Duration: 0s 55m 33s Appropriate for all Jan 06, 2016​
    With every release of AutoCAD, new features are developed and old features are refined. AutoCAD for Mac is no exception. The newest version, AutoCAD for Mac 2016, is a large step forward, including the addition of Express Tools and XREF mapping tools. This AutoCAD training course provides a thorough overview of these new features, as well as dimension and PDF enhancements, general application improvements, and changes to working with text, geometry, and lines.
    Topics include:
    *XREF server path mapping and ByLayer display
    *Converting text to mtext
    *Moving geometry from model space to paper space with Change Space
    *Dimensioning with the DIM tool
    *Pasting geometry with Paste As Block
    *Working with section plane tools
    *Creating smaller PDF files with AutoCAD for Mac 2016
    *Rendering online

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