NitroFlare Autodesk Crispin PatternCut & ShoeCost 2016.R1 SP1

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    Autodesk Crispin PatternCut & ShoeCost 2016 R1 SP1 | 393.3 mb

    Delcam, a world-leading developer and supplier of advanced CAD/CAM software, has released update (SP1) of Crispin 2016 R1 software, this portfolio of 3D CAD/CAM footwear and shoe design software helps to take your digital concepts through to manufacturing.

    - Autodesk (ex Delcam) Crispin ShoeCost 2016 R1 SP1 (version 16110)
    For every production design, you will be required to work within a budget or unit price. Crispin ShoeCost is a simple costing software solution that automatically nests for material efficiency in both leather and synthetic materials. By making the most of your material, you keep unit prices down and ensure profitability for your customers.
    - Autodesk (ex Delcam) PatternCut 2016 R1 SP1 (version 16103)
    Our specialist footwear CAM software (computer aided manufacturing) provides the tools you need to improve the efficiency of footwear manufacturing.

    About Autodesk

    About Delcam plc

    Name: Autodesk Crispin PatternCut & ShoeCost
    Version: (64bit) 2016 R1 SP1
    Interface: multilanguage
    OS: Windows 7even / 8
    Size: 393.3 mb



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