AutoMapa 6.10b EU Final

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    AutoMapa 6.10b EU Final (Search by map 2012.02) | 2.GB

    Another version of AutoMapa 6.10b 2012.02 with a map from Navteq - a program for GPS navigation. There are 3D and night mode. Present audio language: RU, LT, EN, D. ..... Option truck.

    Developer: Aqurat sp. z oo
    Language: Multilingual

    System Requirements:
    PocketPC 2003, PocketPC 2003 SE, Windows CE 4.2, Windows Mobile 5/6, Windows CE. NET 5.0/6.0, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7
    Coverage: Covers

    Extras. Information:Install the program when you install remove the check mark from the item-register. PROGRAMME propachena.



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    nice ![​IMG]

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