NitroFlare AutoMapa 6.18 1509 EU All of Europe.8GB (21/9/2015) Multilingual

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    AutoMapa 6.18 1509 EU All of Europe 8GB (21/9/2015) Multilingual | Size: 4.07 GB

    Description: For drivers, motorcyclists and professionals. Most frequently awarded and purchased navigation application in Poland. With AutoMapa you will defeat traffic jams, efficiently skip roads in repair and safely get to your destination.

    Release Date: 21 SEPTEMBER 2015
    Version: Program: | cards: 1509.6.783 EU
    Developer: Aqurat, sp. z o.o. | Geosystems, sp. z o.o.
    Developer website: automapa
    Language: Multilingual
    Medicine: Cured

    System requirements:
    Windows Mobile 5/6, Windows CE.NET 5.0 / 6.0, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    Coverage: All of Europe

    Extras. Info:
    Installation Instructions:
    1. Run setup.exe
    2. The program is first of all ask you to select the appropriate language setting (see "Screenshots"). Select, click "Next".
    3. Because of the proposed "Install / Uninstall" essno select the first item.
    4. Agree to the license, and then
    5. Choose where to install the program:
    - I) on the memory card (the fastest way to PNA / PDA / Pocket PC)
    - Ii) directly to the mobile device (must be connected via ActiveSync)
    - Iii) in the PC (BB, laptop).
    6. Choose a variety of Windows operating system on the target device (XP / Vista / 7/8, WinCe5 / 6, WinMobile 5/6 ...).
    7. In the box below ticks uncheck the "Register" (see "Screenshots").
    8. Select additional options-additional languages autorun for several types of devices (if your device is not included in the proposed list, do not select anything, it does not affect the functionality of the program), languages HELP / tutorial (only English, German, Polish).
    9. When the installation program prompts you to select the operating mode with the map-4 points. See "Screenshots". 2 point means that will install the complete map of Europe (more than 4 GB). At the bottom, you will be prompted to select any part of the map. As the reviews the next forum, you can select, cut out with scissors your desired virtual "piece" of the overall map. This item allows you to free up space on the flash drive.



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