Avatar The Game USA JB PS3-dumpTruck

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    Avatar The Game USA JB PS3-dumpTruck
    Group: dumpTruck
    Game Title: Avatar: The Game
    ESRB Rating: Teen
    Region: USA
    Release Date: 12/01/2009
    Source: Retail Disc
    Notes: Tested working on 40gb PS3 PHAT 3.4.1 using blackcat AT90USB162 with Gaia 1.02
    Desc: Become the ultimate biological weapon in this game based on James
    Cameron's tangled sci-fi epic. The giant RDA corporation wants to
    harvest a rare mineral from the planet Pandora. The only thing in
    the way is the Na'vi, a resilient native people. To get what it
    wants, RDA has created the ultimate weapon - the Avatar.



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