AVG 9.0 Pro AntiVirus ( Active 9 Years)

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    AVG 9.0 Pro AntiVirus( Active 9 Years) | 100MB

    AVG has led the world in free anti-virus protection for years. 80 million people around the globe rely on AVG to protect them while they?re online or offline. Threats today go way beyond viruses and only AVG adds the extra layers of protection against today?s biggest online threats.

    How do we do it?

    AVG LinkScanner?, included in all AVG security products, protects you from the increasing number of ?here today, gone tomorrow? threats on the web. These threats can be hidden on any type of website, from governments to big, well-known brands to small businesses, and they rarely stick around on those sites for more than 24 hours. LinkScanner? protects you by analyzing the web pages behind all the links on any web page you?re viewing and making sure they?re safe at the only time that matters ? when you?re about to click that link.

    AVG Identity Protection is included in AVG Internet Security and available as a standalone product to enhance the protection offered by any anti-virus product ? not just AVG?s. Identity Protection makes sure your confidential information stays safe while you?re banking, shopping, or otherwise engaging in online transactions involving your credit card numbers, bank account information, passwords, and other private information. It?s constantly watching how programs on your computer interact with each other and, if something doesn?t look right, it shuts that activity down to prevent the misuse of your information by a new, unknown virus or other threat.

    AVG?s Internet Security 9.0 goes even further by combining elements of AVG?s firewall, identity protection, and anti-virus signature detection capabilities to deliver the most accurate detection of new and unknown threats. This enhanced protection level makes use of cutting-edge technologies like application white-listing and ?in-the-cloud? automated testing for tell-tale signs that indicate the presence of a new threat.
    All AVG products give you:

    * Protection that?s relevant to the way you use your computer and the Internet:
    * Banking and shopping, surfing and searching, chatting and emailing, or downloading files and social networking ? AVG has a protection product that?s right for you
    * Protection that?s trusted by over 80 million people around the world
    * Protection that?s hassle-free and doesn?t get in your way
    * Protection that?s fueled by a global network of highly-experienced researchers
    * Protection that?s backed by round-the-clock expert support

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