NitroFlare AVL Cruise M.2015

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    AVL Cruise M 2015 | 1.2 Gb

    AVL List GmbH, specializes in engine and powertrain development, announced the release of CRUISE M 2015, is designed for model-based system development, seamlessly integrating high-quality, realtime-capable subsystem models of engine, driveline, 1D fluid flow, aftertreatment, electrical and control system domains.

    AVL CRUISE M - a vehicle system simulation platform that is a highly convenient and versatile tool throughout the development process: from traditional fuel efficiency, emissions and performance analyses to entire vehicle thermal and energy management assessment in the office and to validation and calibration on realtime HiL and test systems.

    AVL CRUISE M brings the advantages of multidisciplinary system simulation closer to you and makes your work easier.


    About AVL List GMbH

    AVL List GmbH is the world's largest private and independent company for the development of measuring and testing technology and drive systems with internal combustion engines. The company has approximately 2,500 employees. With a global presence of 45 AVL companies, AVL achieved total sales in 1999 of US$ 400 million.

    Name: AVL CRUISE M
    Version: 2015
    Interface: multilanguage
    OS: Windows Vista / 7even / 8 / 8.1
    Size: 1.2 Gb



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